Pregnancy brings on a lot of changes to your body, and while some might be expected, like your growing belly, others are less so, like hairs sprouting out of your chin or other unusual places, and of course, Linea Nigra.


Linea Nigra During Pregnancy

When Does Linea Nigra Appear?

During your pregnancy, you might notice a dark line, running from your pubic bone up to your belly, sometimes up to your ribs. This is commonly referred to as the pregnancy line, and you’ll be relieved to hear that it has always been there, just not as noticeable.

Although not harmful at all, the Linea Nigra or “black line” can be alarming if you don’t know what it is or what causes it. The line is actually always there, even before pregnancy, but it’s called the Linea Alba or white line.

The Linea Nigra may appear around the second trimester, although it can happen earlier. It’s usually ½ to 1 cm wide, and it can get darker as you get further along, but it never goes black, as the name suggests.

Why Does Your Linea Alba Get Darker?

Because of the increased production of estrogen during pregnancy, your body produces extra melanin, a dark brown or black pigment that causes your skin to darken. Besides the darker line on your belly, you might also notice the area around your nipples, your clitoris and labia darkening in color too.


Is There Anything You Can Do To Prevent It?

Unfortunately, no. Like pregnancy cravings and water retention, it’s just one of those things, and chances are it will go away after your baby arrives. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent it getting darker:

1. Cover Up

As much as you might want to show off your beautiful bump, it’s recommended to wear sunblock and stay out of the sun during pregnancy. Exposure to the sun can cause the line to darken, even after you’ve given birth.

2. Fill Up on Folic Acid

Research suggests that insufficient amounts of folic acid could be a cause for the Linea Nigra although this isn’t conclusive. Anyhow, your GP or gynecologist will advise you increase your folic acid or folate intake to prevent any possible defects like spina bifida.

3. Cosmetic Cure

You can use makeup to cover the line but make sure you use a product with ingredients that are gentle and not harmful in any way to you or your baby. Makeup is a wonderful thing and even though it won’t get rid of the line, you can conceal it. Use a foundation on the line if you’re self-conscious, but be sure not to put too much on; that might draw even more attention.

4. Cocoa Butter

Should you feel particularly conscious about your pregnancy line, you can try a few natural remedies that might work in getting rid of it or lightening it:

Pure cocoa butter or a cocoa butter lotion is available from health stores as well as online. Simply dab it on your Linea Nigra every day, and you should see results over time. The cocoa butter can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

5. Vitamin E Oil

Using vitamin E oil  can also lighten your Linea Nigra and assist with those pesky stretch marks. Vitamin E oil can be used by most pregnant women whereas a vitamin E supplement will need to get the go-ahead from your doctor. This will help your skin in all sorts of ways during your pregnancy.

6. Lemon Juice or Rubbing Alcohol

Lemon juice is a natural lightening agent and could reduce the line. Rubbing alcohol can assist too, but some people might suffer from skin irritation with this so do an allergy test first.

7. Eat Healthily

If you think your Linea Nigra is darker than it should be, it could be due to an insufficient amount of folic acid. As well as taking a supplement, you should also eat healthily. Make sure you (and baby) are getting loads of green vegetables, cereals, whole grains and oranges.

What If I Can’t Find My Linea Nigra?

While some women are concerned when they see this line appear, there are as many who stress when they don’t see it.

However, there’s no need to worry either way. Some expectant moms might not see it because they have a fair or pale skin while others might just respond differently to the estrogen levels and melanin in their body.

Women who are naturally darker might find that the line is more pronounced while those with a lighter skin won’t notice it at all.

linea nigra more pronounced

It’s important to remember that a pregnancy line has nothing to do with the health of you or your baby, and there’s no need for concern either way.

4 Reasons You Should Love Your Linea Nigra

It’s Part of the Journey
Your Linea Nigra is a part of your pregnancy journey. Like all the other changes your body undergoes, it’s a sign that a baby is on the way, and that in itself is a blessing.

Embrace It
If you’re one of the thousands of women who have had challenges falling pregnant, the Linea Nigra is a gentle (harmless) reminder of what you’ve been through. Think of it as “war paint,” or if it stays behind, a loving reminder of your pregnancy.

It’s Temporary
If it is something you can’t get used to, rest assured it will go away after the birth of your baby, and chances are you’ll probably miss it when it’s gone.

Gender Indicator

Linea Nigra Gender Indicator

Among the old wives tales, the length of the line can predict the gender of your baby. Apparently if the lines goes past your navel and reaches your rib cage, you’re having a baby boy. If the line stops at the belly button, you’re going to be a mom to a baby girl.

Of course there is no scientific evidence supporting this, but it is fun to know .


Don’t Worry Too Much About The Line!

Although the Linea Nigra could appear around the second trimester, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Instead, there are a lot of things to expect at this particular time. Make sure you and your baby are getting healthy food, and everything will be okay.

How about you? Have you seen your Linea Nigra yet? If you want to share any tips to prevent it darkening, it would be my pleasure to hear from you.

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