The planets that share our solar system with us all have an impact on our astrological influences. Our celestial neighbors can affect our life paths and personal interactions.

Through a review of your birth chart, an experienced psychic can decode the strongest and weakest forces influencing you. How the position of the planets and stars align at any given time can help reveal your purpose, karma and best path forward.

Mercury Symbolism

Mercury symbolizes both intellect and communication. Because these factors serve businesses well, Mercury also symbolizes commerce. The planet tends to exert its strongest pull on individuals born under the signs of Virgo and Gemini.

It only 3 to 4 weeks for Mercury to complete its orbit. This means that the planet also takes less time to travel between the astrological signs. The length of time that Mercury affects your life is shorter than the other planets, but its lesser transit time also shows its influence more frequently than others.

The position Mercury occupies on your birth chart explains certain strengths or weaknesses in your communication skills. If you seem to miss appointments or can’t get along with a significant other, Mercury’s influence could have played a significant role. The closest planet to the Sun can also impact your analytical and organizational skills.

Mercury “travels backward” when it’s in retrograde. During a Mercury retrograde, technology can break down or you may lose something important. With the best psychic astrologers online by phone or chat, you can easily learn whether Mercury played a role in a recent argument or if it’s time to consider moving on from a relationship. You’ll also know how to take proactive steps to avoid the negative influence of a Mercury retrograde.

Venus Symbolism

Venus symbolizes beauty, sociability and pleasurable pursuits. Individuals born under the signs of Taurus and Libra will feel the strongest effects of the planet Venus. The planet nicknamed “the Morning Star” can play a role in your musical tastes and what things you find most pleasing in your environment.

Venus is the other inner planet that orbits between the Sun and Earth. Like Mercury, Venus takes much less time than the 52 weeks it takes Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun. Venus can transit in and out of its time of influence between every 4 to 5 weeks.

Your relationships with others, which can include your family, friends and love life, will often feel Venus’s impact. Recognizing that influence when it occurs can open your eyes to what causes you to “click” with certain individuals. In romantic relationships, that insight can reveal what makes you feel loved as well as how you give love.

3. Mars Symbolism:

Mars, the planet of action and passion, symbolizes energy, assertiveness, and drive. It governs how we pursue our goals, handle conflicts, and assert ourselves in various situations. Mars represents the warrior archetype and influences our ambitions and desires.

Individuals with strong Martian influences in their birth charts may possess strong leadership qualities, a competitive spirit, and a direct and forthright communication style. However, an overly dominant Mars influence can also lead to impulsive behavior and a tendency to become overly aggressive.

Understanding the positioning of Mars in one’s birth chart can help individuals channel their assertiveness positively and avoid potential conflicts. Integrating the energies of Mars harmoniously can lead to better goal achievement and a healthier expression of personal desires.

4. Jupiter Symbolism:

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, symbolizes wisdom, abundance, and opportunities. It governs our beliefs, sense of optimism, and desire for personal and spiritual development. Jupiter is often associated with luck and good fortune.

Individuals with strong Jupiter influences in their birth charts tend to be optimistic, open-minded, and have a strong sense of purpose. They are often seekers of knowledge and are willing to embrace new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Jupiter’s influence can lead to periods of significant expansion in various aspects of life, such as career, education, and spiritual development. However, unchecked Jupiterian energies may also lead to overindulgence and excessive risk-taking.

5. Saturn Symbolism:

Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility, symbolizes limitations, structure, and life lessons. It governs how we handle responsibilities, set boundaries, and deal with challenges and hardships. Saturn’s influence encourages us to embrace maturity and develop resilience.

Individuals with strong Saturn influences in their birth charts often exhibit a strong sense of duty, self-discipline, and perseverance. However, they may also face challenges and obstacles that serve as opportunities for growth and personal development.

Saturn’s positioning in one’s birth chart can provide insights into how an individual approaches responsibilities, faces adversity, and learns from life’s experiences. By recognizing Saturn’s influence, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and work towards self-improvement.

6. Uranus Symbolism:

Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, symbolizes originality, individuality, and a desire for freedom. It governs how we embrace new ideas, challenge norms, and seek independence from societal constraints.

Individuals with strong Uranian influences in their birth charts are often drawn to unconventional lifestyles and have a unique perspective on life. They may have a pioneering spirit and a willingness to break free from traditional expectations.

Uranus’ positioning can indicate the areas in life where an individual may experience sudden changes, breakthroughs, or revolutionary thinking. Embracing the influence of Uranus can lead to personal growth and the discovery of one’s true, authentic self.

7. Neptune Symbolism:

Neptune, the planet of dreams and intuition, symbolizes spirituality, creativity, and compassion. It governs our ability to tap into our subconscious mind, embrace our imagination, and connect with the mystical and spiritual realms.

Individuals with strong Neptune influences in their birth charts may possess heightened intuition, artistic talents, and a deep sense of empathy for others. They may be drawn to spiritual practices and have a profound appreciation for the arts.

Neptune’s positioning can shed light on an individual’s creativity, emotional depth, and ability to connect with the collective unconscious. However, excessive Neptune influence can also lead to escapism and the need for grounding and practicality.

8. Pluto Symbolism:

Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration, symbolizes profound inner change and power. It governs how we undergo significant life transformations, embrace our inner strength, and let go of what no longer serves us.

Individuals with strong Pluto influences in their birth charts often experience profound life-altering events and have the capacity to rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix. They may be drawn to understanding the deeper mysteries of life and possess an unyielding determination.

Pluto’s positioning can indicate the areas in life where transformation and regeneration are likely to occur. Embracing Pluto’s influence can lead to personal empowerment, resilience, and a willingness to face the darkest aspects of one’s psyche.

The Role Played by the Sun and Moon

In addition to the other planets in our solar system, the Sun and moon also play a role in our astrological influences. Astrological physics can help you decipher their location on your birth chart and provide insight into your true essence and personality.

The Sun’s position in a birth chart determines one’s zodiac sign and represents the conscious self and what drives and motivates them. The Moon’s position, representing the unconscious self, reveals one’s emotional nature and how they process and respond to feelings.

The interaction between the Sun, Moon, and other planets in a birth chart offers a comprehensive picture of an individual’s personality, strengths, and potential life path.


Astrology is an intricate belief system that looks beyond the visible world and delves into the unseen connections between celestial bodies and human life. The symbolism of planets in astrology provides valuable insights into various aspects of our lives, from intellect and communication to love, passion, and personal growth.

Understanding the influences of the planets and their positions at any given time can empower individuals to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and embrace opportunities for growth. Whether one believes in astrology as a guiding force or views it as a reflective tool, its exploration can offer valuable self-awareness and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the cosmos.

Astrological psychic readings take into account the effects of our celestial neighbors. An effective reading can provide helpful guidance and optimize your life journey. An awareness of when each celestial body’s transit cycle holds sway over you can make a world of difference in how well you choose which life path to take.