When do Babies Start Talking ?

Babies start to develop language skills shortly after birth, but it may take several months for them to begin speaking words.


The average age at which a baby starts talking is around 12 months, but some may start earlier or later depending on their individual development.


To help babies learn to talk, parents can use strategies like responding to vocalizations with words of their own and introducing new vocabulary in day-to-day interactions.


It’s important to use simple language and speak slowly while speaking or reading aloud so that babies can comprehend what is being said.


Using gestures and facial expressions when talking can also help babies learn language faster.


Singing songs and nursery rhymes as well as playing games that involve making sounds are activities that can help teach babies basic communication skills.


Talking about everyday objects, such as a spoon or a book, can help children learn the names of things and how they relate to one another.


Reading books with pictures that illustrate different concepts is another way of introducing new vocabulary words to babies.


Repetition is key when teaching language since it helps babies become more familiar with certain words and phrases over time.


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