Top parenting trends from 2022 that should continue into 2023!

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More parents are turning towards a screen-free environment for their children in 2023, with more time spent outdoors and engaging with nature.


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Technology will continue to be used as an educational tool for children, but not as a primary source of entertainment.


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Parents are also more likely to use technology responsibly when it comes to their kids; ensuring that the apps they download and use are age-appropriate and educational.


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More parents are considering the importance of keeping their kids active - going on hikes or taking part in sports - as well as participating in social activities like visiting museums or attending music classes.


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There is an increased focus on mental health among parents, which can include having conversations about emotions and feelings, making sure there is downtime for relaxation, and implementing healthy sleep schedules.


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The trend of conscious parenting has been gaining momentum, which involves being aware of one's own feelings and behaviours, as well as those of their child, so that relationships remain positive.


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Mindful parenting is also becoming popular among a lot of families; this includes teaching children how to practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation and relaxation exercises.


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In order to make sure that kids get enough rest, some parents have adopted “screen-free” or “tech-free” times during the day or at night where all devices must be put away.


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Many families have started incorporating family bonding activities into their daily lives such as game nights or movie nights in order to spend quality time together without the distraction of technology.


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