Tips to give Sponge Bath to your New Born

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Sponge bath is a gentle way to keep your newborn

As it reduces their exposure to soap and water.

Before beginning, be sure to have all the necessary supplies at the ready:

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A basin of water (warm but not hot)


A soft washcloth

Cotton balls



A towel


Baby lotion or oil


And a diaper.


Place a towel on the surface where you are going to give the bath as babies can be slippery when wet!

Start by washing your baby's face using cotton balls and warm water.

Move on to other body parts starting with the upper body (shoulders, chest, back).


Use the washcloth for larger areas and cotton balls for smaller ones.


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Continue by washing their arms, hands and legs separately with either damp washcloth or cotton balls.

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Don't forget between each tiny finger and toe!

When it comes time for cleaning diapering areas like the genitals use only damp cloths

No soap in these areas.

Image Credit : FirstCry Parenting

After cleansing their body rinse off any remaining soap residue by gently pouring lukewarm water over them.

Be sure not to get any in their ears or eyes as this can irritate them!

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Finally dry them off thoroughly with a clean towel before applying some baby lotion or oil if desired.

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