Signs You Are a Strict Parent

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Having clearly defined rules and expectations in the home, and ensuring these are followed.


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Being consistent with discipline, not allowing children to get away with certain behaviours at different times.


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Not allowing your children to make their own decisions about life choices such as


When to do homework

What to wear or

How late they can stay out at night.

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Not giving into temptation when your children ask for something that you know isn't best for them


Even if it makes them upset in the short-term.

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Monitoring and supervising your children's activities both in person and through technology in order to keep track of their wellbeing.


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Talking regularly with your child(ren) about their behaviour


So that they understand why you're being strict and what you expect from them.

Being firm yet fair when disciplining


Using logic instead of emotion when making decisions about punishments or rewards.

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Having high standards for academic achievement and requiring hard work from your child(ren).


Making sure that your child(ren) have adequate time for rest, play and social activities as well as completing school work.


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