Setting Up Routine for Your Child

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Routines and structure help children feel secure and provide a sense of predictability.

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Having a consistent daily routine can help children learn to manage their emotions, alongside developing skills such as time management and self-regulation.

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Establishing regular routines is great for teaching self-discipline.

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Establishing regular routines is great for teaching self-discipline.

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Scheduling time for physical activity or exercise helps kids maintain their physical health, learn how to stay active, and develop good habits they can carry into adulthood.

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Having routines throughout the day give parents an opportunity to spend quality time with their child and establish rules and expectations around behavior, manners, and respect.

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Bedtime routines are especially important for young kids since it helps them wind down after a busy day at school or home. This is crucial for setting up healthy sleep habits early on in life.

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Establishing set meal times helps kids get into the habit of eating healthy meals regularly which has been linked with better academic achievement as well as physical and emotional wellbeing in the long run.

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How to Step up Effective Routines for your Child:

Be Consistent


Keep it Simple

Be Flexible



Serve as a role Model


Involve your Child in setting up Routine


Make Routines Fun


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Setting Up Routine for Your Child

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