Right Time to Stop Swaddling your Baby

Parents should stop swaddling their babies

When infants start rolling over, usually when they are between two to three months old.

Swaddling should also end

Before the baby’s arms become strong enough to break out of it.


This usually occurs around four months of age.


After this point, babies will be able to move freely in their crib

And may become frustrated if their movements are restricted by the swaddle.

Additionally, swaddling can cause a baby’s temperature to increase

As the fabric traps body heat around them.

Prolonged elevated temperatures can lead to overheating and dehydration

When your infant begins sleeping 12 hours or more at night without waking up due to startle reflex

It is generally time to stop swaddling as well


As your baby becomes more active, this usually happens around 4-6 months of age.


Once you decide it's time to transition from swaddling,

Take some time to gradually reduce the amount of fabric used in the swaddle before ending it entirely.


This will help make sure your infant doesn't feel overwhelmed with suddenly being able to move freely.


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