How You Can Respond to Your Kids When They Don’t Listen

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Discipline Should Not Be Viewed As punishment

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As Dr. Gaydos says, “With discipline, we are teaching our children self-control and restraint.” Your children should also be explained that discipline is not exactly punishment, but it is a way to understand mistakes and how to make things right when committing a mistake.


Build a Positive Relationship With Them

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As parents, you can achieve this by spending time with them, listening to them, and giving them your undivided attention when they are trying to express something. Doing this builds a closer bond with your kids, making it easier to correct them when they are wrong.


Ignoring Behaviors That Seek Attention

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Ignoring a little disrespect from your child is more like indirectly encouraging back talk and more disrespect for a situation that may happen next time. But if you try selective ignoring, it is one of the best ways to get your child on track.


Be Specific

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It’s important to be specific with what you are expecting from your child and what goals you want them to achieve.Being specific will help your child know that they need to be obedient and know how to behave without any misunderstandings between the parents and child.


Using When/Then Statements

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You can use statements like “When you are done cleaning your room, then you can go to your friend’s house.” Don’t use negative sentences like “If you don’t finish eating your vegetables, you won’t get any TV time.”


Giving Immediate Consequences

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Keep a consequence for every action taken by your child. They won’t like it, but they must know that such behaviors cannot be encouraged.



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Restitution is about doing something nice for the victim or affected person. This could be doing something like finishing chores for your child, giving an extra helping hand in homework, etc.


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How You Can Respond to Your Kids When They Don’t Listen

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