How Walking helps you during Pregnancy?

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Reduces the likelihood of developing complications during pregnancy or needing a cesarean section.

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Helps you burn extra calories, which inturn prevents excess weight during pregnancy.

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Decreases chance of Premature Delivery.

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Makes your mood better and boosts your energy levels.


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Reduces back pains which are common during pregnancy.


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Helps you sleep better.


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Gives you relief from constipation which is normal during pregnancy.


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Helps you during and after childbirth by keeping your muscles strong.


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Things to keep in mind while Walking during Pregnancy:

Keep yourself Hydrated.


Do not overdo it. Listen to your body.

As your belly grows and your sense of balance changes, it is more important than ever to watch where you are walking. You don't want to accidentally trip or fall.



If you experience any vertigo, abnormal bleeding, or shortness of breath while walking, please discontinue and seek medical attention.


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