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Eating Soil

How to Stop a Child from

Make sure to provide your child with plenty of healthy and delicious meals.

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Eating soil can be a sign of nutritional deficiencies, so ensure that your child's diet is balanced and nutrient-rich.


Try to discourage your child from eating soil by making it less accessible.

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Keep the area around them free from excess dirt or sand and limit their access to any gardening activities.


Talk to your child about the dangers of eating soil. Explain to them why it can be harmful and what risks are associated with ingesting dirt.

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For example, some soils may contain dangerous organisms or chemicals which could cause harm when ingested.


Offer distractions as an alternative to eating soil.

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Suggest activities such as playing outdoors, drawing pictures or reading books instead of them snacking on dirt.


Praise them for engaging in these alternate activities as a reward for not indulging in their cravings for soil.

Provide educational resources like books and videos about nutrition to help teach children why certain foods are better than others, and how they should make better dietary choices in the future.

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If the issue persists despite all attempts at prevention, contact a doctor or healthcare professional who will be able to assist in creating a customized plan to reduce soil-eating behavior in children.

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