How to Reduce Screen Time of your Kids

Making sure your kids are not overusing their screens should be a priority.

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Establish a reasonable amount of screen time for your children and be consistent with enforcing it.

Aim for no more than two hours a day, excluding educational screen time.

Make sure to communicate the importance of setting limits and explain why it is important to their development.

Create alternate activities that don’t involve screens

Such as reading books, playing board games, or taking part in sports or other physical activities.

Remove all screens from the bedrooms of your children

To encourage them to develop better sleeping habits and reduce distractions.

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Use parental control features such as ‘parental locks’ on devices or apps to monitor their usage

Block inappropriate content, and set limits on how long they can use certain applications.

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Involve your children in setting up rules around technology use and allow them to work out solutions to any problems they experience while using technology.

Lead by example;

If your children see you spending too much time on electronic devices, they will likely do the same so be mindful of how much you are using them as well.

Encourage your kids to take frequent breaks and have healthy conversations about their digital lives with them

This will help you better understand what they are doing online.

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