Helping your Child deal with Stress

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Stress can be a normal part of life for children, but persistent or intense levels of stress can be harmful and should be addressed.

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It is important to help your child understand that it is ok to feel stressed, but they need to learn healthy ways to cope with these feelings.

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First listen to your child with empathy and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Ask questions to gain an understanding of their situation and feelings.


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Help them find words for their emotions by offering words or different options if they are unsure.

Encourage them to talk about what is causing the stress, even if its difficult or potentially embarrassing.


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Support your child by providing them with positive reinforcement and recognition when they express their feelings.

Showing interest and support will help them feel more comfortable talking about their situation.


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Teach healthy coping strategies such as breathing exercises, physical activity, visualization techniques, journaling, or talking with a trusted adult about the issue at hand.


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Encourage problem solving by helping them come up with different solutions for their issue.

This may include speaking out about the issue or using communication skills like asking questions or expressing one's point of view in a respectful manner.


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Make sure your child is getting enough rest and nutrition so that he/she has adequate energy and concentration during stressful times.

Also provide a distraction from the source of stress when necessary such as listening to music or watching a movie together as a family activity.


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Remind your child of the good qualities they possess, successes they have had, and all the opportunities available in life which may bring hope in times of difficulty.


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Helping your Child deal with Stress

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