Positive Parenting Techniques to use with your Kids

Positive parenting techniques involve creating an environment of:

Emotional support



And setting healthy boundaries for children.



Encourage communication and dialogue so your child feels heard, understood and respected.

Model the behavior you would like to see in your children,

As they will often emulate your behavior.

Provide positive reinforcement when your child behaves in a way you appreciate.

This could include verbal praise, hugs or giving them rewards such as extra playtime or small treats.

Establish clear rules and consequences that are reasonable and age-appropriate for your child to understand.

Offer choices so that children feel empowered with their own decisions

And can learn how to make good decisions on their own.

Spend quality time with them regularly.

This will help build strong bonds between you and your child while also helping them develop trust in the relationship.

Show empathy towards your child’s feelings, even if you don't agree with their actions.

This will help them learn how to regulate their emotions better.

Be consistent with corrective discipline

Use gentle tones rather than yelling, maintain a calm demeanor


Remain firm about rules/consequences without being excessively harsh or punishing.


Let go of perfectionism

Allow children to make mistakes as part of learning important life lessons such as responsibility, accountability, problem solving skills etc.

Allow young children freedom within the boundaries of safety but not too much independence

Provide guidance to help foster self-confidence but avoid hovering or micromanaging too much.

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