Best Time to Put a Baby in their Room

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The decision about when to put your baby in their own bedroom should depend on the age of your baby and your personal preferences.

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Generally speaking, it is recommended that babies sleep in their parents’ room for at least 6 months, but some families may decide to wait even longer.

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It is important to consider whether you have enough space for a crib, a changing station, and other items next to an adult bed.

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With regard to safety, it is important to make sure that the baby cannot get to any unsafe items or fall out of the bed if they roll over in the night.


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When transitioning your baby into their own room, it is important to provide them with comforting items such as a special blanket or stuffed animal so that they feel secure in the new environment.


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You should also ensure that there are no distractions such as bright lights or loud noises that might disrupt their sleep.


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Before moving them into their own room, you should practice having them nap there during the day so they can become accustomed to sleeping in the new environment and not be startled by any changes during the night.


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Lastly, when making this transition be sure to respond promptly if your baby cries out during the night and take note of how he/she reacts so you can adjust accordingly.

Best Time to Put a Baby in their Room

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