Activities for Toddler during Plane Journey

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Bring along toys, books, and other items that will keep the toddler entertained. Look for those that won't make too much noise or take up too much room, as space is limited on planes.

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Pack engaging activities that will keep your toddler busy for the duration of the flight; this could include things like tactile toys, sticker books and puzzles.


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Play games with your toddler – you can use simple card games, counting games, and memory games to help pass time while en route.


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Pack snacks that they’ll enjoy eating while aboard the plane, such as fruit slices and crackers. If a flight allows it, bring along non-perishable items like small boxes of cereal or granola bars.


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Bring an iPad or laptop with some child-friendly movies loaded on it to help entertain your toddler during takeoff and landing. This will also help drown out any extra noise from other passengers.


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Take advantage of breaks in between flights by taking short walks with them around the airport terminal. Letting them run off energy helps keeps them from getting restless on the plane itself.


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Allow your toddler to move around in their seat while they are on the plane so they can stretch their legs; if you feel comfortable doing so, get up to walk around with them every couple hours.


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Encourage your toddler to learn about the airplane and its workings: explain how it works and point out different parts of the plane.


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Prepare for takeoff by playing loud music and having your child sing along; this will help create a feeling of excitement which may distract from any potential fear of flying.


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Let them participate in fun activities like I Spy or drawing pictures; make sure these activities don't require too much focus so they can still be attentive when necessary.


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Be prepared with treats like lollipops or gum if there is a need for distraction during take off or landing; this will help reduce ear popping sensations due to air pressure changes.


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Activities for Toddler during Plane Journey

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