Toddlers are at the primary stage of learning and playing offers them great scope to learn and develop new skills. With the help of different plays, toddlers can pick up unique interests and indulge in interesting lessons. Therefore, it is necessary to choose toys for your toddlers wisely. Choosing toys for your tiny kids may appear to be a cakewalk but you will feel overwhelmed with the enormous collection of toys at a shop. Children lose interest in a toy within a few days, therefore, choosing a toy that will keep them hooked for a longer period is important. The toys for your kids must be sustainable, long-lasting and engaging. Due to all these factors, the obvious question comes how to decide the right one for your kid.

How Can You Select The Suitable Toys For Toddlers?

Though selecting the suitable toys for your kids may be a little confusing, some tips can help you to do the job efficiently.

By following these 7 useful tips, you can purchase the appropriate toys for your kids that will enhance their physical, psychological and learning ability.

1. Pick Up The Toys That Have Multiple Uses

Toddlers get easily bored with the toys that have similar use. Therefore, you should choose a toy that can be played in different ways is the best solution to keep your children engrossed in the game. For example, toys like wooden blocks, nesting cups, toys for sand or water play, and interlocking toys can be some great options for your children. This type of toys enhances the ability of kids to think logically and solve problems. Also, they help children to be more imaginative.

2. The Toys That Develops With Your Child Should Be At The Top Of Your Priority List

It is quite common that your kid plays with a toy for two or three days and it is abandoned forever. Therefore, you should select the type of toys that can accompany your child in different phases of development. You may consider those plastic animals that are enjoyed by young toddlers and grown-up toddlers also make them the characters of his imagined stories. Dollhouses, action figures, plastic animals, stuffed toys, and vehicles can be ideal choices for this purpose.

3. Choose The Toys That Develop The Problem Solving Ability Of Children

Playing helps children to exercise new lessons many times. It encourages them to find the solution to a problem on their own. With a little practice, your child can be a pro in problem-solving skills. This type of games also helps children to figure out the relation between different spaces, maintain coordination between hands and eyes, and build fine motor skills through the use of little muscle in their fingers and hands. Play-dough, clay, crayons, blocks and puzzles can be suitable toys for developing the problem-solving abilities of children.

4. Find The Toys That Enhance The Imagination Of Your Children

When your child is around three years old, he is able to imagine himself in different roles of his stories. He tries to incorporate life in inanimate objects like toys. Therefore, you should find out toys that can be used by your child to perform the stories. Through pretend plays, children develop their skills in learning languages, solving problems and arranging events logically. You can buy blocks, plastic animals, dollhouses, and action figures for this type of games. Dress-up clothing is also a good idea for encouraging children to become more imaginative. Even the abandoned cardboard boxes can be the perfect partners of your children in pretend plays because your kids can use them as home, ships, tunnels and many more imaginable things.

5. Choose Games That Can Be Played By Both Parents And Children

Though both adults and children can take part in any type of games, there are some particular games that are particularly planned for mutual participation. As soon as your children reach the age of 3, you can look for simple boards in which both you and your children can join. You can arrange a board game session with your child on every Sunday. Board games are great for developing the ability to memorize, count and match things. Also, your children learn to listen attentively and follow the given instructions. Through these game sessions, you can also help your children in learning languages and build a healthy relationship with him or her. One of the most notable benefits of such games is that they teach your children to celebrate victory and accept defeat. However you can get some toys ideas of teenage here. Where both parent and children can participate in it.

6. Try Out Some Games That Encourage Children To Read

Art materials like crayons and markers, magnetic alphabet letters, picture books help to build the basic foundation of your child’s writing and ability. You can also give your child some old menu cards, newspapers and leaflets for primary introduction with text, letters, and print.

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7. Select Some Toys That Inspire Your Child For Physical Activity

Toddlers try out different postures and engage themselves in various physical activities. You should encourage them to reach more milestones in physical activities. Therefore, you should pick up toys smartly that help your children to practice their acquired physical skills and build new ones over time. Tricycles and scooters, different shaped balls, moving boxes are some of the most preferable options to enhance the physical abilities of your children.


The greatest thing about playing is that it does not teach you the lessons in a boring academic way. Rather, it encourages you to learn freely and on your own. Therefore, choosing the right toys is a pivotal part of your toddlers’ overall growth and you should always remember the above-mentioned tips while purchasing toys for your kids.

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