Babies deserve a special welcome as they are unique. And what can be more than a gift for them? Many of you might be thinking, what should be the best present for kids? Well, a gift can be practical, personalized, or long-term. All are available in both online and local markets. But, the question is how to choose a present for a newborn?

Well, if you too are looking for baby gifts, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will be provided with the best presents for the new babies either in your own family or in your circle. You can buy these baby gifts at Newbabywish. We will provide you with some guaranteed tips that will make your purchase worthwhile.

Essential Gifts

The practical presents mainly include essential baby supplies like blankets, layette sets, dispersed, and baby bottles. Well, you might be wondering what the fun of gifting this type of present is. Let me clear to you that these presents are the safest choices and help parents to complete the needs of their new ones. You can even check the list of Baby Must-Have List For First 6 Months and include them in your whislist.

Keepsake Gifts

In Keepsake presents, you can choose special presents such as a baby book for parents or jewelry with the baby’s name on them: some more choices, maybe a blanket with your sweetie’s name and birthdate.

Fashionable Baby Gifts

Baby are themselves cute. You can choose fashionable baby items like hair accessories, clothing, and shoes as present items to add their beauty.

Best Toy Offerings According to Age of kid

For kids, Toys are habitual gifts from parents and friends, as these are handy and babies love to play with them. But, not every toy suits all ages of kids. Here are the best offerings for kids as per their age.

Gifts for kids of age 0 to 3 months

Purchasing a present for this group is easy and also on budget. You can buy a colorful toy like an animal that can last longer. A soft toy is also a good option for this age group. But, I suggest you buy Baby Bedside Sleeper Portable Baby Bassinet Crib Attached to the Bed. It can be the perfect present for the new ones as they can stay with their parents both day and night.

Gifts for kids of age 3 to 6 months

This is the time when new ones develop teeth. So, what can be the best gift for Teethers? You can purchase a colorful designable teether to attract a little one. Teethers not only keep little ones busy but also help to get better their sore gums. You may also read our article on Brushing Baby Teeth: When to Start and How to Do It

Gifts for kids of age 6 to 9 months

You will find this age as the crawling age of the baby. It is a time to strengthen their knees. The best present you can buy for the kids of this age is a playing mat. My recommendation to you is to buy a designable and colorful play mat like a NewbabyWish Baby crawling mat.

Gifts for kids of age 9 to 12 months

At this age, the perfect present for little ones is a ride-on toy car, as this is the age when new ones start walking. Ride-on cars like Lamborghini ride-on-car,  Mercedes Benz, Bumper cars, and kids jeep toy cars will encourage your kid to practice walking and balancing his body.


Babies are themselves gifts! There should be no compromise in bringing them a present. It’s your choice to either stick to essential ones or something better. But, before buying them a present, never forget to take their age into consideration.

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