It’s easier getting your mother something for Mother’s Day because, let’s face it, gift options for mommies are easy to find. For example, if you want to buy something for your mom, the first few ideas that would pop into your head are:

  1. Jewelry and especially the delicate-looking ones
  2. Perfumes
  3. Apparel
  4. Crockery
  5. Makeup, shoes, or bags

But, when it comes to Father’s Day, if not all, most people take a long time to think about what to get for their dads. Then comes the research part, where you sit in front of your screen and browse through websites for ideas on what to get for your dad. Finally, after a few searches, you find something you agree with and believe your dad will like. The thing about buying something for your dad is that you want to make sure that you gift them something nice because they do a lot for their families, and sometimes these efforts are often overlooked, and they aren’t thanked enough for the happiness they bring in your lives. If you want to gift them something, we’ve got you covered!

Check out the gift options below to gift your dad!

Gift Options

Here are a few gift options to choose from and give him the best gift he could ever have!

Wireless Charging Station

A wireless charging station is the best option if your dad loves using electronics, especially tablets or phones for reading, movies, or anything. This would be your dad’s best friend for wireless charging anywhere, anytime! Give your dad the chance to enjoy wire-free chargers and gift him this for Father’s Day.

Cooling Pint Glasses

Cooling Pint Glasses alone are very cool to look at, especially if you love trying out different mocktails or crafted beers. Pint Glasses are an excellent gift for fathers because one thing is for sure is that they can drink in style, and second because they can enjoy a chilled pint of ale or lager for a longer time, and who doesn’t love a chilled pint!


My eyes…. My eyes!!

If your dad is passionate about sunglasses and has a collection, add another one to the collection to complete a set. Or even if your dad doesn’t have a collection, gifting a pair of good-looking sunglasses is very thoughtful. He can use these to protect his eyes on sunny days, and it will also bring him a new look.

If your dad is used to wearing eyeglasses, you can get his sunglasses custom-made with prescription lenses. That way, he wouldn’t have to worry about wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses together. This would be the perfect gift to give on Father’s Day!

Let your cool dad go, Daddy Cool!

Beer Subscription

Dads and Beers always go together. You probably even see your dad kick back and relax with a beer pint in his hand on weekends or with friends. Going the extra mile by signing him up for a monthly or bi-monthly beer subscription for crafted beers from CRAFT BEER CLUB is a great Father’s Day gift that he’ll enjoy, especially if he likes trying out different kinds of beers.

Scrap Book of Memories

You can gift a scrapbook to your dad on Father’s Day. You can create or buy a scrapbook and compile all the moments spent with your dad and photos into a scrapbook. This would be like a book of memories that your dad will treasure and is one of the perfect gifts to gift your dad and to show him a special child-father bond and express that you care.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Who doesn’t love some music while getting ready for work or just a long bath to soothe your nerves? Bluetooth Shower Speakers are great for people who love to start their day with music. If your dad loves music too, gifting him a Bluetooth Shower Speaker would be cool. Also, gifting him this speaker is best if your dad loves bathroom singing.

Just hit your favorite tune and work your way through the soap and water.

Dad Hoodie

A Dad Hoodie is a must-have for all dads. This piece of apparel is like a women’s bag for them, only in the form of a hoodie. All dads can keep their “important stuff” in this hoodie, including diapers, wipes, baby bottles, and snacks. This is the best compact gift you can give a dad.

BBQ Basket 

It’s sunny, and it’s time for a summer grill! It’s quite known to a lot of people that BBQs are a dad’s forte. This is the time when dads show off with a beer in one hand and a metal spatula in the other. Get this BBQ Basket for Father’s Day and let your dad show off like a pro with all the BBQ essentials by his side. Grab one to make your dad feel special on his day!

American Mountain Rocks Glasses

Get your drink “Scotch on the Rocks,” which is meant literally because these glasses have crystal-built mountains on the base. This is a delicate but beautiful glass set to gift your dad on Father’s Day. These glasses will also give him a clear, beautiful view of some famous mountain peaks like Half Dome and Mt. Whitney.

Coffee Subscription

The smell of coffee first thing in the morning can lift your spirits. If your dad is an early bird and loves coffee first thing in the morning, getting a coffee subscription at DRINKTRADE.COM is the greatest gift you can give. He just has to take a quiz and see what he likes, and voila! He’ll have his personalized coffee for himself!


Sneakers are probably one of the common gifts and very thoughtful ones. Some Dads are fitness freaks, and some love having a collection of sneakers, each pair for every occasion. If your dad is both, gifting them a pair of sneakers for Father’s Day is a great idea, it would be like adding another one to their collection.

Watch Subscription

Very few people like watches of different kinds, and some even like collecting them. Some say watches also define a person, especially those with a big dial. Gifting a watch to your dad on Father’s Day is something sentimental, and it’s a gift your dad will get to keep forever. But if he’s crazy about collecting watches, you make his day by getting him a quarterly or monthly subscription from WATCH GANG, where he’ll be welcomed with different timepieces of different brands.

History through mail

This unique gift can be given to a father, especially if he’s a history buff. This gift allows you to have a sneak peek from the past and ancient times in the form of an old-time mail. Every mail will contain scripts like documents or letters written by famous personalities such as Einstein. This kind of gift will also give your dad a chance to know more about history.

Bottom Line

Every father deserves something nice for all the hard work, time, and efforts they put into their families. Though they may not expect much, it’s always nice to bring a smile to their face, make them feel special on their special day, and remind them that they are loved and cherished by everyone in the family.