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What temperature should the bath water be for my child's safety?

Hey guys, I'm a new mom and I am a bit confused about the proper temperature of bath water for my baby. I want to make sure that my child is safe and comfortable during bath time. There are different opinions out there and I am not sure which one to follow. Can you please advise me on what temperature the bath water should be for my child's safety? My baby is six months old and I am using a tub specifically made for babies. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello there! As a new parent, I initially had difficulty gauging the right temperature for my baby's bath. Thankfully, I discovered that there are bathwater temperature indicators that attach to the side of the bathtub and can change color to indicate whether the water is at a safe temperature for the child. This gadget helped me to avoid guesswork, and it added a level of comfort for me and my child during bath time. The gadget is effortless to use, and I highly recommend it to any parent who wants to keep their baby safe during bath time. I think it is great that there are so many gadgets and techniques to help new moms ensure that their babies are bathed safely; I hope this helps someone out there!


Hello everyone! When my daughter was a baby, we always made sure to check the bath water temperature by using our wrist instead of our hand or elbow. We found that the skin on our wrist was more sensitive to the temperature of the water, and it gave us a more accurate reading on whether the water was too hot or too cold for our baby. We also made sure to use a thermometer to double-check the temperature, especially for new parents who may not be as familiar with the right temperature range. Additionally, we made sure to never leave our baby unattended during bath time as things can happen unexpectedly, and safety must always be a top priority. I hope this helps!


Hi there! I am a parent of two children and I can share that we always checked the water temperature by using our elbow before putting our babies in the bath. The water temperature should feel warm, not hot. If it feels hot to you, then it will certainly be too hot for your baby's delicate skin. We have also invested in a thermometer that has a color-coded display to show when the water is at a safe temperature. We found this to be very helpful in ensuring that the water was not too hot or too cold for our babies. It is always important to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable during bath time. I hope this helps!


Hey there! When my daughter was a baby, we were advised by our pediatrician to keep the water temperature at around 100°F (38°C) for her bath. We found that this was a comfortable temperature for her and she didn't seem to be upset or uncomfortable during bath time. We also used a bath thermometer to make sure that the water was not too hot or too cold. It was very helpful in ensuring that we were providing a safe bathing experience for her. I hope this helps!


Hi guys! As a new mom, I had similar concerns about bath water temperature for my baby. What helped me was a bath thermometer that provides a digital reading for the water temperature. Recommended water temperature for babies is between 98°F (37°C) to 100°F (38°C), so this helped me get the right temperature and ensure that bath time was comfortable for my little one. Using gadgets like this helped me have peace of mind and ensure that I was consistent in keeping bath time water temperature safe. I highly recommend getting one if you haven't already!


Hello, fellow parents! I have a son who has particularly sensitive skin, and we found that a water temperature of 96°F (35°C) seems to be most comfortable for him during bath time. Of course, I should note that the temperature preferences for babies will vary from one child to the next. So, it's essential to watch out for any signs of discomfort your baby may display during bath time. A good indicator is their reaction to the water temperature, and if they seem relaxed and at ease, then it may be a good indication that the water temperature is comfortable for them. The most important thing is to make sure that the bathwater is not too hot and that your baby is safe and happy during the activity.


Hi everyone! I am a father, and when my son was an infant, we were advised to keep the bath water temperature at around 98°F (37°C). We found that this temperature was comfortable to him, and he enjoyed his bath time. One thing we did was to fill the tub with water and let it sit for a bit to acclimate to the room temperature so that we achieved the perfect bath temperature. Sometimes warmer waters feel too cold due to the room temperature, so making sure the water's temperature is just perfect is essential. We also always tested the water's temperature with a thermometer to ensure it was not too hot. Babies' skin is delicate, and it is crucial to keep their safety in mind at all times. I hope my experience helps you, too!

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