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What should I do if my toddler refuses to use the potty?

Hi everyone,

I am a first-time parent and I am currently struggling with potty training my 2-year-old toddler. We have been trying to introduce her to the potty for a few weeks now, but she just refuses to use it. We have tried different methods such as rewards, encouragement, and even letting her pick out her own potty seat, but nothing seems to be working.

I am feeling frustrated and a bit lost on what to do next. I have heard that some kids can be resistant to potty training, but I am not sure when to push her or when to give her space.

Any advice and tips on how to encourage my toddler to use the potty would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hey there everyone,

I also had difficulty potty training my daughter. At first, we tried different approaches with no success. We would try and force her, bribe her with treats, and more, but she just didn't seem interested.

What worked for us was simply giving her time. We took a break for a few weeks and reintroduced her to the potty when she was ready. We also made sure to approach it in a positive manner by praising her when she showed interest in the potty, and showing her examples of other kids using the potty.

We also found that letting her pick out her own potty was a game-changer. She was excited to show off her new potty to family and friends, and it became her own special place.

Lastly, we made sure not to scold her or make her feel bad when she had an accident. We gently guided her towards the potty and praised her for trying.

Remember, every child is different, and there is no right way to potty train. Just be patient and positive, and your child will eventually get the hang of it!



I can definitely relate to the struggles of potty training. My son had a tough time grasping the concept, and it was getting to be a bit frustrating for both him and myself. One thing that worked for us was making the potty accessible and available at all times.

We placed potties around the house so that he could easily access them whenever he needed to go. This made it simpler for him to remember and gave him more opportunities to try.

Another thing that I found motivation for my son was allowing him to pick out his own big-boy underwear. He loved the feeling of being able to wear superhero or cartoon character undies, which motivated him to not have accidents.

Remember, every child has their own pace, and patience is key. Celebrate their successes, no matter how small, and provide gentle guidance when an accident occurs. Potty training is a process, but with persistence, a little creativity, and positive reinforcements, your little one will become a potty pro in no time.


Hi there,

Potty training can be frustrating, but don't worry, you're not alone. My toddler also resisted using the potty for a long time. One thing that helped was making it a fun and positive experience.

Instead of forcing her to sit on the potty or getting upset when she had accidents, I would make a game out of it. We would read books about going to the potty, sing songs, and even do little dances when she successfully used the potty.

I also found that setting a routine helped. For example, we would have her sit on the potty right after meals or before bedtime, so it became a familiar part of her routine.

Remember that every child is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to potty training. Keep experimenting with different methods until you find what works best for your toddler.

Don't give up, you got this!


Hi everyone,

Potty training can be a challenging time for both you and your toddler. When we first started potty training, my daughter would often refuse to use the potty and instead would have accidents. It was frustrating at first, but we found that taking a break and waiting until she was ready was the best approach for her.

Once she was ready, we made sure to be consistent with our approach. We would remind her every hour to try using the potty and always praise her when she did. We also gave her a choice between two potty seats and let her pick her favorite.

What really helped my daughter was using a reward system. We created a chart where she could earn stickers for every time she used the potty. When she accumulated enough stickers, she would get a special treat or toy.

Lastly, try not to stress too much about accidents - they will happen. Just clean it up and move on. It's all part of the process.

Good luck!


Hi everyone,

Potty training can be a challenging phase for both parents and toddlers. In my experience, my daughter was resistant to using the potty and would only use it when she wanted to. It took her a while to understand the concept but eventually, she got it.

One strategy that worked for us was introducing her to underwear. She loved feeling grown up like her older siblings and not wearing diapers. It made her want to use the potty to avoid accidents.

It's also essential to be consistent and set a routine. We would take her to the potty every hour, praising her for using the potty and encouraging her to try again if she didn't go.

Another thing that helped was not making a big deal out of accidents. We would gently remind her to use the potty next time and help her clean up. We found that being patient and allowing her to learn at her pace was the best approach.

Remember to celebrate every small success, be persistent, and keep a positive attitude. With time, patience, and consistency, your little one will soon be using the potty like a pro.


Hello there,

When we were potty training my son, he was also resistant to use the potty. One method that we found particularly helpful was involving him in the process of learning how to use the potty. We would let him watch us use the bathroom and explain to him what we were doing. This made him more curious and interested in learning how to use the potty on his own.

Another tip that worked for us was letting him run around the house with no diaper or pants on. Whenever he would show signs of needing to go, we would quickly guide him to the potty. This helped him connect the feeling of needing to go to the act of using the potty.

As with any situation, staying positive and patient is key. It can be frustrating at times, but remember that each child develops at their own pace.

Good luck and have faith, it will eventually happen!


Hi there,

I completely understand what you're going through. My toddler also had difficulty using the potty when we first started training her. What ultimately helped us was taking a break from potty training for a few days to a week and then starting over with a fresh approach.

During this break, I would casually bring up the potty every now and then and ask if she wanted to try it out, but I didn't pressure her. When we did start training again, we tried a different method - instead of rewards and stickers, we used a potty chart where she would get to color in a picture every time she used the potty. This seemed to motivate her more and she eventually got the hang of it.

Another tip is to stay calm and patient, even if it seems like your toddler isn't making progress. Potty training can take time and every child is different.

Good luck and Hang in there!

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