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What are the considerations for diapering during specific situations, such as during illness, teething, or developmental milestones?

Hello everyone,

I am a new mom and I have some questions regarding diapering during specific situations that I thought some experienced moms could help me with. My baby is currently teething and has been experiencing more diaper rash than usual. I am wondering if there are any specific considerations I should be taking when changing her diaper during this time to alleviate any discomfort.

Additionally, my baby has recently started crawling and I'm noticing that she is much more active during diaper changes, making it harder for me to keep her still. Are there any tips or tricks for making diaper changes smoother during this developmental milestone?

Lastly, my little one has just come down with a cold and I'm not sure if there are any specific things I should be doing differently during diaper changes to keep her comfortable and avoid irritating her skin further.

Any insights or advice on these specific diapering situations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Teething can certainly cause some discomfort for babies, and when it came to diaper changes, I tried to be as gentle as possible. I would wipe my baby's bottom with a warm, wet cloth instead of using baby wipes, and then apply some diaper cream to help soothe any irritation.

For a baby who is more interested in exploring than lying still during diaper changes, I found that giving my little one a designated toy or object to play with works wonders. This newfound distraction can often make them forget that they are actually getting their diaper changed.

When my baby was sick, I made sure to change his or her diaper more often than usual to keep the diaper area clean and dry. Just like the previous user suggested, disinfecting the changing pad and using a gentle diaper rash cream also helped to ease his or her discomfort.

Hope these personal experiences can help.


Hey there!

When my child experienced teething, I found that changing his diaper more often than usual helped a lot. I was changing his diaper almost every hour, and it seemed to diminish his discomfort. I also used a couple of diaper rash creams to find what worked best for him, and applying them at every diaper change helped combat the rash.

During developmental milestones like crawling, I let my child hold onto his pacifier, and that usually distracted him enough to get through the diaper change without too much fuss. Occasionally, I had to try a few different techniques until I found what worked for him.

In case of illness, I kept the diaper area dry and clean to prevent spreading any infection. During cold and flu season, I've often used a disinfectant wipe to clean the changing pad to keep germs at bay. I also found that using a soothing diaper rash cream provided some relief to his sensitive skin during these times.

I hope this helps!


Hi there!

As a mom who has also gone through teething and diaper rash with my little one, I have found that using an ointment or cream specifically designed for diaper rash helps a lot. It creates a barrier between the diaper and the skin, which can prevent future irritation. Additionally, I try to make sure I am changing her diaper regularly and using gentle wipes or a washcloth with warm water instead of harsh baby wipes.

I have also noticed that during developmental milestones such as crawling, my baby is much more interested in exploring her surroundings during diaper changes. To make things easier, I try to distract her with a toy or singing a silly song, or even giving her a safe object to hold onto. It doesn't always work, but it definitely helps!

Lastly, when my baby has been sick, I have made sure to use extra gentle wipes (or again, a washcloth with warm water) and try to avoid using too much friction when cleaning her. Also, be sure to change the diaper frequently to avoid any added irritation.

I hope this helps!


Hello everyone,

I found that diaper changes during teething were more manageable when I changed my baby's clothes and diaper more often than usual. This helped to prevent wetness and any bacteria buildup that could cause irritation.

When my baby started crawling, I changed his diaper while he was standing up, and it made diaper changes a lot easier. I also found that giving him something to hold, like a small toy, helped to distract him during diaper changes.

In regards to sickness, I suggest laying down a changing pad on a clean surface, so it's easier to keep everything disinfected, and using baby wipes carefully around the diaper area. Lastly, it was essential to pay extra attention during diaper changes to make sure my baby didn't have diarrhea or any other illness that required medical attention.

I hope this helps!


Hello there,

I understand your concerns as I have been there before. A few things that helped me during the teething phase was giving my baby a teething toy to play with during diaper changes. When my baby had diaper rash, I would apply some coconut oil which helped relieve the rash quickly.

I also found that keeping the diaper changing environment safe yet engaging kept my baby's attention long enough for me to change the diaper. I would sometimes sing or dance while I was changing the diaper, and my baby would giggle and be entertained enough to remain still.

When my baby was sick, I tried my best to make diaper changes quick and fuss-free. I would change the diaper as soon as I noticed it was wet or dirty and made sure to use gentle wipes or a damp cloth. Afterward, I used a diaper rash cream to prevent any irritation or rashes.

I hope this information helps!

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