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What are the best types of baby carriers for newborns?

Hello everyone,

I am a first-time mom and I am expecting my baby next month. I have been researching about baby carriers and I am a bit overwhelmed with the different types available in the market. I am not sure which one would be the best for my newborn.

I would love to hear from other moms or caregivers who have experience with different types of baby carriers. Which type of carrier did you find most comfortable for your newborn? Are there any specific brands that you would recommend?

I am open to any suggestions and advice that you have to offer. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello there,

I completely agree with user 1 that stretchy wraps are an excellent choice for newborns. However, some parents may find the wrapping process a bit complicated and time-consuming.

In such cases, ring slings are a great alternative. They are easy to use and quick to adjust, which is particularly helpful for parents who are always on-the-go. Ring slings are also very lightweight and can be worn in different positions, making them a versatile option.

I recommend the Sakura Bloom ring sling. They are made with high-quality linen and they offer excellent support for newborns. These slings are also very comfortable to wear and come in several colors and styles.

Another great type of carrier for newborns is a soft-structured carrier. These carriers are very supportive and ergonomic. They feature padded shoulder straps and waistbands, which help distribute the weight of the baby evenly across the wearer's body.

Ergobaby carriers are a good option for a soft-structured carrier. They come with an infant insert that provides extra support for newborns, and they are available in different colors and designs.

I hope this helps in your search for the perfect baby carrier. Good luck!


Hi there,

As a mom of two, I have used several types of baby carriers for my newborns. For me, the best type of carrier for a newborn is a stretchy wrap. It is soft, cozy and helps to keep the baby close to your body. I found it extremely comfortable to wear and it allowed me to move around hands-free while keeping my baby close.

My favorite stretchy wrap is the Moby Wrap. It is easy to use and has excellent support for the baby's head, neck, and back. The wrap also distributes the baby's weight evenly across your body, so you don't feel any strain on your back, shoulders or neck.

I would also recommend the Baby K'tan carrier. It is another type of wrap carrier but is pre-sized and has fewer steps to use compared to the Moby. It provides a secure and comfortable fit for both the baby and the wearer.

I hope my experience helps you make an informed decision. Good luck with your baby carrier search!


Hello everyone,

As a parent of three, I have found that a wrap-around carrier works best for newborns. It provides a lot of support and allows you to find the perfect fit for your baby. My favorite wrap is the Boba Wrap, which is made of a soft stretchy material that feels comfortable against the baby's skin.

One of the main advantages of a wrap carrier is that it can be used in different positions, which is perfect for newborns who need to be held close to their caregivers. It also helps to distribute the weight of the baby evenly across your body, which reduces strain on your shoulders and back.

Another type of carrier that I found worked well for my newborns is the Mei Tai carrier. This carrier has a rectangular body with four straps that are tied around the waist and shoulders. It provides excellent support for the baby's hips and allows for different carrying positions.

Overall, I would recommend trying out different carriers to see which one works best for you and your newborn. Keep in mind that comfort for both you and the baby is key.

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