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What are the benefits of using a structured baby carrier versus a wrap or sling?

Hi all,

I am currently pregnant with my first baby and I am starting to research baby carriers for when my little one arrives. I have been looking at different options such as structured baby carriers, wraps, and slings. However, I am having a difficult time deciding which one would be best for me and my baby.

I am curious to know what the benefits are of using a structured baby carrier versus a wrap or sling. I have heard that structured carriers can provide better support for both the baby and the wearer, but wraps and slings can be more comfortable and customizable.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used both types of carriers and can provide insight into which one worked best for them and why. Additionally, if anyone has any recommendations for specific brands or models of structured carriers, wraps, or slings, I would be grateful to hear those as well.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide!

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I've used a wrap, a ring sling, and a structured carrier with my three children. I found that my personal preference changed with each child and their individual needs.

When my first child was born, we used a wrap, and I loved it. We used the Moby Wrap, and it was easy for me to learn the proper wrapping techniques, and it allowed me to have my baby close to me while still being able to move around freely. However, once my baby became heavier, wearing him in the wrap became tiring, and I found myself switching to a ring sling for a little more support. The ring sling was much easier to adjust on the fly and could provide the extra support I needed while still feeling comfortable.

With my second child, I started with a structured carrier. The Beco Gemini was my carrier of choice, and I loved it because it provided great support and could be used for multiple positions. I found that this carrier was especially helpful for grocery trips or walks outside when I needed my hands free. As my baby grew, we switched to a ring sling for shorter carries when he wanted to be close to me, and the structured carrier for longer walks or hiking.

With my third child, I used both a wrap and a structured carrier. I would use the wrap when we were around the house, and I needed to be hands-free, but I didn't want to put the baby down. Whereas when I needed to go to the store or outside for a walk, we would use the structured carrier.

In conclusion, what you use can depend on what stage of parenting you're in, the needs of your baby, and your personal preferences. I think it's a good idea to try different types of carriers and see what works best for you and your baby.



I have two kids and have used both a structured baby carrier and a wrap. When my oldest was a newborn, we used a structured carrier and it was fantastic. We opted for the Ergobaby 360 and loved it because it was easy to adjust and provided great support for both baby and me. As baby grew and could hold their head up better, we switched to a wrap because it was more versatile and could be used for different positions.

The wrap was a bit of a learning curve for me, but once I got the hang of it, it was really comfortable for both of us. I found it helped me bond with my baby more too since it was a close physical connection. However, it was difficult to use when we were out and about since it took longer to put on and take off compared to the structured carrier.

When my second child came along, we used the wrap much more often from the beginning because I had gotten more comfortable with it. It was also easier to use the wrap when chasing a toddler around since it allowed me to move more easily than the structured carrier. However, there were times when I wished for the convenience of a structured carrier, especially on long walks and outings.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to personal preference and the activities you plan on doing while wearing your baby. A structured carrier can provide more support and is easier to use on the go, while a wrap is more versatile and can be more comfortable for extended wearing.


Hi there!

As a mom of two, I have experience using both a structured baby carrier and a wrap. In my personal experience, both types of carriers have their pros and cons.

When my first baby was born, I started with a structured carrier - the BabyBjorn Original. I found it easy to use and felt comfortable wearing it, but as my baby grew, I found that it didn't provide enough support for his hips and spine. I later switched to a wrap (specifically, the Moby Wrap), which I found to be much more supportive and comfortable for both my baby and me. I liked that I could customize the fit and position for my baby, and that the wrap evenly distributed his weight across my shoulders and back.

However, I did find that the wrap had a bit of a learning curve, and it was not as convenient to put on and take off quickly when I was on the go.

For my second baby, I used a structured carrier again - the Ergobaby Omni 360. I loved this carrier because it provided the support that I felt was lacking with the BabyBjorn, but also had the convenience of being able to put it on and take it off quickly. It also allowed for different carrying positions, which was great as my baby grew and developed different preferences.

Overall, I think both structured carriers and wraps can be great options, and it really depends on personal preference and what works best for you and your baby. I recommend trying both and seeing which one you and your baby prefer.


Hey there,

I have used both a structured carrier and a wrap and my personal preference has been a wrap. I found that the wrap was more comfortable for me to wear as it evenly distributes the weight of my baby across my body. It also allowed me to have more freedom of movement and I felt like I could better respond to my baby's cues while wearing him close to me.

In comparison, I found the structured carrier to be a bit restrictive and it felt like there was more pressure on my back and shoulders. However, I must say that the structured carrier did feel more secure and I could move around more freely without worrying about adjusting the wrap. But, I guess it all comes down to the type of activities you will be doing while wearing the carrier.

Personally, I feel like you can't go wrong with either a structured carrier or a wrap as it all depends on your preference and what works best for both you and your baby. So, I would recommend looking into both options and trying them out to see what feels more comfortable and convenient for you.


Hey there,

I'm a mom of two, and I have used both a structured carrier and a wrap. For me, the structured carrier was the preferred method as it provided better stability and support than a wrap. After trying various brands, I finally settled on the Tula Ergonomic Carrier, and it was a game-changer! It has an ergonomic design allowing me to carry my baby for more extended periods without experiencing any discomfort.

Compared to the wrap, I found that the structured carrier was also easier to put on, and I wasn't fumbling with fabric as with the wrap. With the Tula, a few buckles were all it took to get my little one in the carrier.

However, I will say that I did have a bit of a learning curve initially. It took me a few tries before I could get the fit just right, but once I figured it out, it was smooth sailing. It turned out that the carrier was more advantageous as my baby grew because it allowed for different carrying positions, including a back carry as he got older.

Another big advantage of the structured carrier was that it could be adjusted to fit both me and my husband, unlike the wrap, which required constant readjustment every time we switched carrying duties.

Overall, I think both carriers have their benefits, but I would highly recommend trying a structured carrier if you're looking for convenience, ease of use and optimal support.



I have used both a structured baby carrier and a wrap with my children, and I have found that both have their benefits. As others have mentioned, a structured carrier can be more convenient as it's easy to put on and take off, especially if you're out and about. It's also much more secure than a wrap since it has buckles and straps to hold the baby in place. Structured carriers also tend to have a more ergonomic design which provides better support for the baby's hips.

On the other hand, wraps and slings offer great versatility as you can customize the fit and adjust it to suit your baby's needs. Some wraps can also be used for back carrying which can be really handy as your baby gets older and wants to be able to see more. Wraps and slings are also more lightweight and take up less space in a diaper bag which can be a plus when you're on the go.

Personally, I found that I used my structured carrier more when my babies were newborns since their necks weren't strong enough to support their heads yet. But as they grew older, I found that I used my wrap more since it offered more versatility and was more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

In the end, it really comes down to your personal preference and what you feel comfortable with. I would recommend trying out both types of carriers if you can to see which one works best for you and your little one.

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