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What are some ways to use natural elements such as water and plants to create a soothing and peaceful home environment?

Hi everyone, I have been really stressed out lately and I am looking for ways to create a more peaceful home environment. I have read that incorporating natural elements such as water and plants can be really helpful in creating a calming atmosphere. I would love some tips on how to incorporate these elements into my home, whether it be through indoor plants or fountains. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello! I find that bringing natural elements into my home has been an effective way to create a calming and stress-free environment for me. One way I've incorporated water is by placing a large bowl of water in the living room with a few candles floating on top. It creates a beautiful ambiance that instantly relaxes me. As for plants, I have a small herb garden in my kitchen window that not only looks aesthetic but also provides fresh herbs for cooking which makes me feel refreshed. Decorating with natural elements like seashells, rocks and coral can also make me feel like I'm on the beach even though I live in the city. Overall, I find that incorporating natural elements into my home not only soothes my senses but also helps me connect with nature on a daily basis.


Hi there, I am excited to share my personal experience on how natural elements have impacted my home's environment positively. Like most of you, I love incorporating greenery into my home and find plants to create a serene fundamental element. Another thing that I really like to do is place bowls of potpourri around my living space, which fills the air with a fragrant and soothing scent and fills the room with elegance. I also use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products that keep my space looking beautiful and feeling healthy. I use lighting to create a peaceful ambiance, such as warm and inviting table lamps rather than overheads, and I try to use candles instead of wax blocks, which illuminate the room without having to depend on electricity. Lastly, I love to keep fresh fruits and veggies on my kitchen counter, which not only creates a sense of serenity but also encourages me to make healthy choices. I firmly believe that incorporating natural elements into our living space can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which can go a long way in improving overall well-being.


Hi there! I can totally relate to the desire to create a peaceful home environment and have found incorporating natural elements to be really helpful in achieving that. One thing I have done is to add a few small indoor plants around my living space - not only do they add some greenery but also help purify the air and create a sense of calm. I also love the sound of running water, so I have a small tabletop fountain in my bedroom that I find really soothing. Another thing I've done is to use essential oils with a diffuser to help create a calming atmosphere. Some good scents to promote relaxation include lavender and peppermint. Hope these ideas help!


Hello everyone! I appreciate all the great ideas shared here about incorporating natural elements into the home to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. One of my personal favorites is using natural light as it can create a warm and cozy atmosphere. I try to pull back the curtains and let sunlight flood the room during the day, and in the evenings, I use dimmer lights to create a more calming light source. Moreover, I think texture plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable home atmosphere. Therefore, I like to incorporate natural fibers such as hemp rugs, cotton throws and linen curtains. These pieces add an element of texture, while also being eco-friendly. For an added touch, I try to declutter the space regularly, remove any unnecessary items, and keep the things I need organized. This can help create a feeling of harmony in my space and bring a sense of clarity to my mind. Overall, incorporating natural elements in my home has been a real game-changer, and I am grateful for all the tips shared here.


Hi, everyone. Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas for creating a more calming home environment. One way I personally incorporate natural elements into my home is by using natural scents like citrus, cinnamon, and lavender, as well as burning candles or essential oils to create a warm and fragrant atmosphere. I also love to use natural accents like seashells, driftwood, and stones as decor pieces. Additionally, I have found that having a water feature in my home can be really relaxing. I have a small tabletop fountain that I use to mimic the sound of a babbling brook, which calms my nerves and helps me focus. Lastly, I think it's important to use colors that reflect nature in your home decor, such as warm browns and greens, to further enhance the natural atmosphere. Overall, incorporating natural elements has been a big part of creating a more serene home environment for me.


Hello! I too find that bringing natural elements into my home has been hugely beneficial in creating a peaceful environment. For years I've owned several aquariums filled with fresh and saltwater fish, and I've noticed that the sound of water and the movement of the fish can really reduce stress and anxiety. I also try to place potted plants in every room as it provides freshness and a sense of life in my living space. Additionally, I try to keep my house clean and clutter-free, which further reduces my stress levels and allows me to feel calm in my own space. One thing that I recently did was buy a Himalayan salt lamp which not only looks beautiful but also provides a warm and calming glow. Natural elements have been a real game changer for me, and my home now feels like a sanctuary where I can unwind and relax.


Hi there, I too have found incorporating natural elements into my home to be really helpful in creating a tranquil atmosphere. I love having fresh flowers in my living room which not only add a pop of color but also look and smell beautiful. I also like to use essential oils in my diffuser and find that scents like lavender and peppermint have really helped me to relax and feel less anxious. Another thing that has worked really well for me is to hang up artwork and photos of nature, such as landscapes and seascapes. These images can evoke feelings of peace, relaxation, and an overall sense of calm. Lastly, I think lighting plays a huge role in creating a peaceful environment. I try to use dimmer lights and candles instead of bright, harsh lighting. Overall, I find that incorporating natural elements into my home has really improved my well-being and makes me feel more connected to nature.


Hi, I completely agree that adding natural elements like water and plants to your home can help create a calming environment. I personally like to create an indoor water garden by using a glass bowl and filling it with water, adding river rocks and a few floating plants. This creates a serene atmosphere and can also help to improve indoor air quality. I also recommend incorporating plants like snake plants, peace lilies, and pothos as they are known to reduce toxins in the air and help regulate humidity levels. Another thing I like to do is change my sheets regularly with fabric derived from natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and linen which have a calming effect. Lastly, I like to surround myself with natural scents such as eucalyptus, vanilla and chamomile which help me sleep better and reduce anxious thoughts.

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