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What are some ways to stay connected and engaged with my company culture while working from home?

Hi everyone,

I have been working remotely since the pandemic began and I have been struggling to stay connected with my company culture. I used to love the culture at my company, the team building activities, the happy hours and the close relationships I had with my colleagues. But with remote work, I feel like I have lost that sense of connection and engagement.

I would love to hear from you guys about some ways to stay connected and engaged with my company culture while working from home. Have you faced similar challenges? What are some strategies that have worked for you? I am open to any suggestions, whether it's through virtual team building activities, online happy hours or something else entirely. Thanks in advance!

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Hey there,

I'm also experiencing the same problem. Working from home has definitely affected the way I interact with my colleagues. I found it difficult to blend in with my team, especially when my colleagues tend to communicate informally with each other.

To deal with this situation, I started using Slack and similar messaging platforms to engage with my team. I set up a dedicated Slack channel where we share daily experiences, funny memes, and even joke around with each other. This made me feel more connected to the team and added a sense of informality to our conversations.

In addition, we recently started a virtual book club that meets once a month. We pick a book and connect via Zoom to discuss it. It's a great way to stimulate conversations that go beyond work, and it's nice to share thoughts and opinions about non-work topics with colleagues.

Lastly, I find it helpful to celebrate special occasions with my team. Birthdays, work anniversaries, and other milestones are celebrated via Zoom or even a digital shoutout on LinkedIn. These celebrations give us something to look forward to and a chance to show appreciation to each other.

Overall, virtual events and informal conversations helped me stay connected with my colleagues. Knowing that we all share similar experiences and challenges makes it easier to stay motivated and engaged with company culture.


Hi there!

I completely understand how you're feeling. I've been working from home due to the pandemic and it's definitely difficult to stay connected with my company culture. One thing that has really helped me is scheduling regular virtual team meetings. This not only provides updates on projects but also some social interaction with colleagues.

My company also started virtual happy hours every Friday where we can catch up with each other over drinks. It's clearly not the same as in-person happy hours, but it definitely makes me feel connected with the team.

Another great way to stay connected is by joining virtual support groups. There are many groups on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn where remote workers connect and share tips on working from home.

Lastly, I find it beneficial to participate in virtual team building activities like online games or video challenges. These activities add a fun element to work and make it easier to connect with colleagues.

Hope this helps!



I know exactly how you feel. I have been working from for over a year and it has been challenging to stay connected with my colleagues. But to mitigate this, I joined our company's social media groups and started participating in online discussions. This helped me gain knowledge about my colleagues and create opportunities to learn more about them.

Moreover, I have been proactive in setting up virtual coffee breaks with my teammates. This has been a great way to socialize, share thoughts and experiences, and reconnect with one another.

In addition, I also started using video call software like Zoom to have virtual team meetings. This has been great for maintaining regular communication and collaboration.

Lastly, I highly recommend joining special-interest groups within the company, if there are any. For instance, if your company has a running club or even something as simple as a reading club, join in! It will allow you to interact with people who have common interests.

Overall, keep an open mind and be proactive about maintaining communication and a sense of community within the company. It is necessary now more than ever that we maintain a strong connection in these remote work situations.


Hi there,

I definitely relate to the challenge of trying to stay connected with a remote workforce. I find that setting aside some time to have virtual one-on-one meetings with different colleagues helps me feel more connected to the team. It's a great way to catch up on each other's lives and work projects in a more personal way.

Besides that, I joined the company's social media groups, where team members shared personal updates, funny memes, and other interesting content. I also try to share some relevant content or funny videos myself on these platforms to interact better with my colleagues.

I also find it necessary to engage in physical activities, which outside work hours which can be a great way to keep your mental health in check while also getting to know your colleagues better. I organize virtual fitness sessions like yoga or pilates via Zoom for interested colleagues. It's a fantastic way to get to know people and even share similar interests outside of work.

Lastly, I try not to underestimate the power of technology in remote communication. I try to use features like “raise hand” or the chat function during team meetings, to make sure that I show that I'm present and engaged in conversations.

All in all, staying connected just requires some initiative like scheduling virtual coffee sessions or taking part in virtual fitness groups to create opportunities to connect with other colleagues.

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