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What are some ways to maintain a healthy social life and networking opportunities while working from home as a parent?

Hi everyone,

I am a work from home parent and I am looking for some tips on how to maintain a healthy social life and networking opportunities. As a parent, I find it difficult to socialize and network as much as I used to before having kids. I mostly interact with my coworkers online and have limited social interactions. I want to expand my network and find new opportunities outside of work. So, I wanted to know how other work from home parents manage to maintain a healthy social life and networking opportunities. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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As a work-at-home parent for over five years, I can resonate with the challenge of maintaining a healthy social and professional life. One strategy I have used to strike a balance is engaging in volunteering activities. Not only does working with other volunteers create opportunities to network and forge new friendships, it also provides an opportunity to develop new skills.

Another suggestion I would make is to join online communities related to my occupation or interests. This can be beneficial in meeting professionals in my field or alliance areas, expanding my professional network and potentially unlocking new job opportunities.

Using social media groups and engagement has also provided an encouraging option to develop new communities of shared interests. I follow pages of different kinds like craft groups, hobbies, and pet groups. It can bring fun conversations, can help me create more friends, and provide a platform to ease into networking.

Lastly, I utilize a digital scheduling app that helps me keep track of my time, tasks and activities. The app helps me free up mind space and enable me to be present in whatever interaction or social gathering I am engaged in.

Overall, staying connected while working from home as a parent requires creativity, effort, and willingness to try new things. By adopting new strategies, outside-the-box thinking and consistently pursuing social engagement, it's possible to maintain a healthy social and networking life.


Hello there,

As another work from home parent, I understand how difficult it can be to balance work, parenting, and social life. One thing that has helped me maintain my social life is participating in local group activities such as fitness classes or sports leagues.

Activities like these can provide opportunity to not only meet new people but to also work on personal health and fitness goals, which can be important in mitigating the stress of working from home and parenting at the same time. For me, this has been a fantastic way to build new relationships and network in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Another way to maintain a healthy social life is to attend conferences or professional events that correspond to one’s field of work. Not only do they provide opportunities for networking but being surrounded by peers can be inspiring and joyful.

Lastly, co-working spaces is emerging as an effective way of combating lonliness when working from home. Coworking spaces enables people to meet professionals in their area and work on projects collaboratively. Along the line you can visit their office, attend social events they organise, and meet new people who could potentially become friends or acquaintances.

Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial, and I have found that making an effort to find activities outside of work that align with personal interests and goals has helped me to sustain a fulfilling social life.



I have been working from home for the past three years while taking care of my two children. Initially, I found it hard to maintain social relationships outside of just being acquainted with coworkers. However, I’ve learned a couple of tips that work for me.

Firstly, I created a communication group on WhatsApp for some friends who are also working remotely. We regularly chat, exchange ideas, and sometimes do virtual happy hours. It's a great way to stay connected and not feel so isolated.

Secondly, I also got involved in my kids' schools and connected with other parents. This way, I can attend school events, go on playdates, and connect with people outside of work. Volunteering in school also helps to network with other parents who are different professional backgrounds.

Lastly, social media provides rare networking opportunities which work exceptionally well. I came across a Facebook group for work from home parents in my locality. Monthly meetups are organised for networking, socializing and sharing experiences. It is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and share our challenges and successes.

Overall, maintaining a healthy social life and networking opportunities require a conscious effort. I found that I needed to actively seek and take advantage of whatever opportunities came my way. I hope this helps.


Hello everyone,

As a work-from-home parent, I know how hard it can be to maintain a healthy social life, especially in the era of COVID-19. But, one of the things that made a massive impact on my life is attending local online events. I join online events via Facebook, meetup, or event platforms specific to my locale. I participate in writing groups, poetry readings, book clubs, and other online cultural events. It helps connect me with others, explore new interests, and work on hobbies.

Another strategy I use to maintain professional connections is continuous learning. As a freelancer, I am passionate about my work and keeping my skills fresh is crucial. I dedicate about ten hours weekly to learning something new or deepening my knowledge of areas that align with my work, taking webinars or joining online courses. It enables me to connect with other seasoned experts, gain expert insights and remain active in professional discussions.

Additionally, my neighbourhood has a parent group that I have found valuable in networking with other work-from-home parents, making friends, and assisting each other with childcare. We often organise virtual lunch breaks, where we all take a break from work or parenting practices for a while and focus on just having fun and catching up.

In summary, I believe instilling lifelong learning, attendance at local and online events, and building a community of friends can be beneficial in maintaining a work-life balance while working from home.


Hi there,

As a work from home parent myself, I can definitely relate to your situation. One thing that has helped me maintain my social life and networking opportunities is joining local parent groups and attending events. For example, I found a local moms' group on Facebook and meet up with other moms for playdates and coffee. It not only gives me a chance to socialize and network, but it also provides me with a support system.

Another thing I've done is attend virtual events and webinars related to my field of work. It's a great way to connect with other professionals, learn new skills and expand my network. I also make sure to participate in online forums and communities related to my industry. It's a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and connect with like-minded professionals.

Overall, I think it's important to make time for socializing and networking, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Good luck!



I completely understand the struggle of being a work-from-home parent and trying to maintain a social life while also prioritizing parenting and work responsibilities. One thing that has helped me is networking through online freelancing groups and social media platforms like LinkedIn.

I have connected with professionals in my field that I admire and have started following industry-related hashtags. I also make sure I join relevant groups and regularly participate in discussions. This has not just improved my networking but has also benefited in discovering new job opportunities and meeting great minds of my field.

Secondly, I make it a point to attend virtual professional development workshops and seminars. These events have allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals who are also working remotely. I also attend some work-related conference because this is the best way to meet collaboratively and network with colleagues.

Lastly, I’ve tried to make more out of everyday routines. For example, Instead of enjoying coffee alone, I use that time to catch up with friends or call family members. It only takes a few minutes but it goes a long way in improving and maintaining social relationships.

Overall, It has not been easy to maintain a social network while working from home and Parenting. But, consistent social efforts, be it online or offline, have helped me in keeping in touch with like-minded people and finding opportunities to grow.

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