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What are some ways to incorporate outdoor learning and nature experiences into early childhood education?

Hello everyone,

I am a preschool teacher and I am looking for some ideas on how to incorporate outdoor learning and nature experiences into our daily curriculum. I firmly believe that young children benefit greatly from spending time in nature, but I'm struggling with how to make it meaningful and educational.

Do any of you have experience with outdoor learning in early childhood education? What kind of activities have you done? How do you integrate science, math, language, and social skills into outdoor experiences? I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas!

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi there!

I'm a parent who has had experience with outdoor learning in my child's preschool. I loved how the teachers incorporated the outdoors into their lessons. One thing they did was incorporate math into nature walks. They had the children count how many leaves they saw, or how many flowers were in a certain area.

The preschool also had a small garden that the children helped tend to. They learned about the different types of vegetables that grew in the garden and were able to harvest them at the end of the season.

Another activity they did was creating nature collages. The children went on nature walks and collected different items such as leaves, flowers and pine cones. They then used these items to create collages on paper. This not only improved their fine motor skills but also allowed them to learn about different textures and colours found in nature.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to incorporate outdoor learning into your curriculum.

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