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What are some ways to incorporate nature into my exercise routine, such as taking outdoor walks or practicing yoga in a natural setting?

Hi everyone,

I've been feeling a bit disconnected from nature lately and I was wondering if any of you have ideas for how I can incorporate it into my exercise routine. I love going for walks, but I feel like I'm just walking around the same block over and over again. I've also been practicing yoga at home, but it doesn't quite feel the same as doing it in a natural setting.

I'm looking for some creative ideas for how I can get outside more and really immerse myself in nature while I'm being active. Maybe there are some interesting hiking trails or parks near me that I haven't explored yet? Or perhaps there are some yoga classes or groups that meet in nature? Any suggestions or experiences you can share would be much appreciated!

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Hello everyone!

One of my favorite ways to incorporate nature into my exercise routine is by doing an outdoor obstacle course. There's a park near my house that has a great course with different stations, like monkey bars, hopscotching over tree stumps, and running around cones. It's like a playground for adults!

What I love about this is the variety of exercises and movements that I get to do, like pulling my bodyweight while climbing and swinging. It's a full-body workout that challenges me in new ways and it's much more motivating than just running on a treadmill. I also like that I can go at my own pace and do more or less as I feel comfortable.

This type of exercise is also great for getting others involved. I've gone with a group of friends, and it's been such a fun way to bond and challenge ourselves together. I feel good about doing something different and being outdoors while getting a workout at the same time.

So, if you're looking for something unique to do, try finding an outdoor obstacle course in your area, or even set up your own in the backyard! Trust me, it's a fun and challenging way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.


Hi there!

I completely understand how you feel about wanting to incorporate nature into your exercise routine. I have been going for weekly hikes in a nearby state park and it has made a big difference in my mental and physical wellbeing. The scenery is beautiful and it feels so good to breathe in fresh air and soak up some sun while getting my heart rate up.

Another idea you might want to consider is taking your yoga practice to a local beach or park. I've done this a few times with some friends and it is such a refreshing experience. Doing sun salutations while looking out at the ocean or feeling the grass beneath your feet can be quite grounding and calming.

Lastly, you might want to consider taking up a sport or activity that is done outdoors like kayaking, rock climbing, or even gardening. All of these activities have a way of connecting us with nature in a unique and fulfilling way.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or want more information on any of these ideas.


Greetings, everyone!

I am so glad to see so many wonderful suggestions and experiences for ways to incorporate nature into our exercise routines. One activity that has worked well for me is taking sunrise or sunset walks. I am a morning person, so I often wake up early and head to the nearby park or beach to enjoy the sunrise while walking briskly.

Watching the sunrise is such a beautiful experience, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. The soft light, cool breeze, and peaceful atmosphere make it particularly calming and refreshing. I also find that my mind is more focused and clear when I start my day this way.

Alternatively, taking a sunset walk can be a great way to relieve the stress of the day and unwind. There's something about watching the sun slowly turn the sky different shades of orange, red, and pink that gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. I usually opt for a park or a quiet area away from traffic, and I make a point to walk slowly and breathe deeply.

Whether you choose sunrise or sunset, taking a walk in nature at these hours can be a fantastic way to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery while getting some exercise. I hope this idea sparks some inspiration for you!


Hi there!

I love this topic as being immersed in nature is a great way to boost your physical and mental wellbeing. My favorite way to incorporate nature into my exercise routine is taking a run in the park. Running on a treadmill is convenient, but for me, it can feel a bit soulless and uninspiring. However, when I hit the trails of a nearby park, the experience is totally different. The varied terrain, breathtaking scenery, and fresh air make for a much more exciting and rewarding run.

Another option you may want to consider is outdoor boot camp classes. There are plenty of trainers who run fitness classes in parks or on beaches, making it super easy to get a full-body workout in nature. It's a fun way to get outdoors, plus the group setting can be motivating.

Lastly, I recommend hiking or fitness walking. It's a low-impact exercise that can be done at your own pace, and the views can be spectacular. There are so many hiking trails in my area, and I enjoy trying a new one every so often to see new sights and enjoy the outdoors.

I hope these suggestions are helpful and that you find the right way(s) to incorporate nature into your exercise routine!



I also understand that you're looking for ways to connect with nature while getting some exercise. I've found that incorporating nature into my workouts has really helped me stay motivated and interested in exercising.

One thing I love to do is take my bike out for a spin on a local trail or nature park. Not only does it provide a great workout, but you get to see some amazing scenery while you're at it. I find that biking through the woods or along a river feels much more invigorating than just riding through the streets in my neighborhood.

Another idea is to try a workout in a natural body of water, like a lake or ocean. Swimming or paddleboarding can be great ways to enjoy the water while also getting some exercise. I try to go paddleboarding at least once a month, and it's always a thrill to be out on the water, seeing the wildlife, and feeling the sun on my skin.

I hope these ideas help you out and inspire you to try some new ways to incorporate nature into your exercise routine!


Hi everyone,

I completely agree with all the suggestions and personal experiences shared so far. Running, hiking, biking, swimming and taking outdoor yoga classes are all wonderful ways to connect with nature while getting active.

I'd like to share my recent experience of taking my workouts to a local beach. I've always enjoyed walking and running near the ocean, but I had never thought to incorporate other exercises there. However, I found a fitness class that takes place right on the beach three times a week.

Taking the class was such a unique experience because it was a full-body workout, and it was done on a different surface, namely the sand, which is a natural resistance, requiring you to recruit more muscles to stabilize your body. The coach introduced us to different fun exercises that we could do in the sand, like squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees, and more. The class also allowed me to enjoy the morning air, hear the waves, and take in the sunrise.

Overall, my take-away from this experience was that bringing your workout to different natural settings can help it feel more engaging and refreshing. Maybe there's a nearby beach or park, or even just your backyard where you could try outdoor workouts or sports. Give it a try – you may be surprised at how much you love it!


Hi there,

I'm glad to see so many suggestions on how to incorporate nature into our exercise routines. I'd like to share my personal experience of doing a forest bathing activity last month. It was an amazing experience for me, and it really allowed me to connect with nature while getting some exercise.

Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, is a Japanese concept that encourages people to spend time in a forest or woodland area and simply immerse themselves in nature. The idea is to use all of our senses to appreciate the beauty and energy of our natural surroundings.

In my case, I went on a guided forest bathing tour with a group of people. It was an easy hike through a nearby nature reserve, and our guide encouraged us to take time to listen to the sounds of birds and the rustling of leaves, breathe deeply, and feel the textures of the trees. We all walked slowly, taking our time and really taking in our surroundings.

I found that this activity really helped to relieve my stress and made me feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. It was a gentle form of exercise that was easy on my joints, and it allowed me to reap the benefits of spending time in nature. If you're looking for a way to connect with nature while getting some exercise, I would highly recommend giving forest bathing a try!

Hope this is useful!



I totally agree with the suggestions made by user 1. Going out for a hike or taking up an outdoor sport can be great ways to engage with nature while getting some exercise. I would like to share my experience of outdoor yoga practice that I recently experienced. I started practicing yoga outside on my balcony during the pandemic, and it was great to be able to see the sky, feel the breeze, and listen to the sounds of nature. But, I felt like I was still in a confined space.

So, I looked for outdoor yoga classes and found one in a nearby nature reserve. The class was amazing! It was so calming to be surrounded by greenery as I practiced yoga. The shade from trees, the breeze, the sound of birds all contributed to a pleasant experience. Not to mention that doing yoga on the soft ground of a grass field was great for my balance and core strength as well.

Since then, I've tried multiple outdoor yoga classes in different settings and I feel that it's helped me connect with nature in a new way. So, if you can find an outdoor yoga class, or even just try it in your backyard, I would highly recommend it.

Hope my experience helps you!

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