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What are some ways to establish a routine that works for both me and my children when working from home?

Hi everyone,

I recently started working from home due to the pandemic, and while it's been great to have more flexibility in my schedule, I'm having a hard time establishing a routine that works for both me and my children. I have two young kids at home, and I want to make sure that I am able to give them the attention they need while still being productive at work.

I've tried a few different things, like setting specific work hours and designating a separate workspace, but I still find myself getting distracted by my kids or feeling like I'm neglecting them. I know that creating a routine can be helpful for both me and my kids, but I'm not sure where to start.

Does anyone have any tips for establishing a routine that works for both working parents and young children? How do you balance work and family time when working from home? Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there! I totally empathize with you as I found it really hard to strike a routine that worked both for me and my kids when I first started working from home.

What worked for me was setting up a reward system for my kids. I made a chart that had different tasks like "play quietly for 30 minutes" or "complete one page of homework" with stickers and rewards for when they finished those tasks. This not only made them feel like they were accomplishing something but also took some pressure off me as they had something to focus on besides me.

I also noticed that my kids were more receptive to completing tasks and activities when they could see me doing something adult-like. I designated a specific work area, and it wasn't always closed off from them. Sometimes, they would come in & do their work beside me or just play quietly on the floor, but their presence was a stabler factor. It's great to know you're part of something bigger than yourself, and that kind of reinforcement can come in handy in the absence of a singular task or goal.

Lastly, it helps to include your kids in some of your work if and when possible. You might be surprised by how much an 8-year-old can help you, be it with color-coding or filling out paperwork. This way, it's a fun bonding opportunity in addition to giving yourself some time to be productive, so it's a win-win!

Hope this helps!


Hello! As a work-from-home mom of two little ones, I completely understand the struggle of creating and sticking to a routine that works for you and your children.

What worked for me was establishing clear boundaries between work time and family time. This meant setting specific work hours and sticking to them, as well as letting my kids know when it's time for work and when it's time for play. It's a tough balance to maintain, but having those boundaries in place helps to create a structure that everyone can abide by.

In addition to boundaries, I also found incorporating movement throughout the day helped to break up the monotony of sitting in the same spot all day. My kids loved participating in short, five-minute yoga or dance breaks, and it gave us all a boost of energy to tackle our next task.

Lastly, I found it helpful to have a backup plan for when my kids needed my attention during work hours. This usually meant having an activity or game that they could do independently, or having a trusted babysitter or family member available to take over for a bit. It can be hard to be productive when your kids need you, so having a backup plan in place can make all the difference.

I hope these tips help you create a routine that works for you and your family!


Hi there! I totally understand what you're going through. I am a work-from-home parent with two young kids as well, and it was definitely a struggle to find a routine that worked for everyone.

One thing that helped me was creating a visual schedule for my kids. I printed out a daily schedule with pictures of different activities (like playtime, snack time, learning time, etc.) and hung it up in a visible spot. Whenever my kids would start to get antsy or ask for my attention, I would point to the schedule and remind them of what was coming next. This helped them feel more in control of the day and gave me some uninterrupted work time.

I also try to wake up before my kids do so that I can have some quiet time to get work done. I've found that I'm much more productive in the early morning hours, and it's nice to have some uninterrupted time before the chaos of the day begins.

Another tip is to be flexible with your schedule. It can be hard to stick to a strict routine when you have little ones running around, so it's okay to adjust things as needed. Some days might be more work-focused, while others might be more family-focused. It's all about finding a balance that works for you and your family.

Hope these tips help!


Hello! I can definitely relate to the challenges of establishing a routine that works for both parents working from home and their children.

One thing that has helped me is setting daily goals both for work as well as for my children's activities. For example, I'll set a goal to complete a certain work task in the morning and then plan a fun activity to do with my kids in the afternoon. We'll even make a list of activities we want to do together, and this helps everyone look forward to something.

Another thing that has worked for me is enlisting the help of my children. For instance, I might ask them to help me with some work tasks like folding envelopes or creating some illustrations for a presentation. This makes them feel included and helps to create a sense of teamwork.

Lastly, I've found that managing expectations is key. When my kids were younger, I found it hard to complete longer, more complicated tasks with them around. So, I would break up those tasks into smaller chunks and try to finish them during nap time or when they were playing quietly. It's important to remember that working from home with kids is not always easy, and that's OK! Take things one day at a time, be kind to yourself and remain focused on what is truly important: the wellbeing of your family.

I hope these tips help!

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