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What are some ways to discipline my child when they are acting out due to stress or anxiety?

Hello everyone,

I'm a parent of a 7-year-old child who has been exhibiting signs of stress and anxiety lately. My child has been acting out more frequently and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to discipline him effectively in such situations. I'm looking for some suggestions on how I can discipline my child when he is behaving inappropriately due to anxiety or stress.

I want my child to understand that their behavior is not acceptable, but at the same time, I want to be sensitive and understanding towards what they're going through. Any advice on how I can strike the right balance and handle such situations with more empathy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hey everyone,

From personal experience, I found that one of the effective ways to discipline a child who is acting out due to stress or anxiety is to focus on prevention. I realized that it is difficult to control how our children react to circumstances, but we can develop ways to avoid situations that will trigger their anxiety or stress.

For instance, my 9-year-old daughter has social anxiety, and I noticed that she became overwhelmed in social gatherings. I started to prepare her in advance for gatherings and let her know what to expect. I would also remain close to her during social occasions, or let her bring a friend along.

When she does act up despite prevention methods, I try to re-direct her attention. For instance, I would take her to a quiet space where she could calm down, or plan for some one-on-one time that will help her relax.

Lastly, I try to build a relationship with her where she can trust me and communicate her feelings without fear of judgment. I make an effort to listen, be sympathetic and encourage her to express her concerns. When a child realizes that they can communicate with the parent, they will feel more comfortable doing so, which will aid with good communication and discipline.

I hope this helps! :)


Hi there,

I totally understand what you're going through. My 6-year-old daughter also has anxiety and stress issues which sometimes result in her acting out inappropriately. I have found that it's important to be patient and understanding during such situations.

Firstly, I try to address the root cause of her stress or anxiety and have a heart-to-heart conversation with her about how she's feeling. Once she has calmed down a bit, I explain to her why her behavior was unacceptable and how it affects others. I try to use examples that she can relate to, so she can understand the impact of her actions.

Secondly, I try to offer her some coping strategies to deal with her stress and anxiety. We practice deep breathing exercises together, and I encourage her to talk to me or any trusted adult when she is feeling overwhelmed.

Lastly, I make sure to hug my daughter and let her know that I love her no matter what. It's important to reinforce positive behavior and let them know that they are loved, and we are there to support them.

I hope this helps! Remember that every child is unique, and it's up to us as parents to find what works best for them.


Hi everyone,

I have been through this same experience with my 8-year-old daughter, and I found that one way to discipline her effectively was to create a calm and predictable routine in our home. By setting routine and encouraging predictability, it helps her feel grounded and secure.

Additionally, when she is feeling anxious or stressed, I often try to distract her with a mindful activity, like drawing, painting or practicing yoga. This helps to calm her down and give her a sense of control over her emotions.

When she behaves inappropriately due to stress or anxiety, I try to respond with empathy. I let her know that I understand that she's feeling overwhelmed and that I'm there for her. I encourage her to share her feelings with me, and we work through them together.

I have learned that discipline is not just about punishment. It's about teaching our children to understand their feelings, recognize their actions, and learn from their mistakes. Above all, I think it's essential to reinforce positive behaviours and love our children unconditionally.

Hope it helps!


Hi everyone,

I had a similar experience with my 5-year-old daughter who had started acting out due to stress and anxiety. I'm still learning how to discipline her appropriately, but one thing that has worked for me is to acknowledge her feelings and validate them.

When she would act out, I would take a moment to see things from her perspective, and acknowledge her stress, fear, or anxiety. I would let her know that her feelings are real and that it's okay to feel the way she does.

After that, I get her to calm down and encourage her to help me understand what she was feeling in those moments, and how we can work together to deal with those feelings. This helps me understand what is going on in her little world and make sure I'm not brushing aside her emotions.

Then I let her know that her actions were not appropriate and offer a consequence for her actions. I try not to make it seem like punishment but rather more like a consequence of her actions. This makes it easier for her to understand the correlation between her actions and the consequences.

Overall it's about finding what works best for your child and reinforcing positive behavior. Every child is unique, and it takes a lot of effort and patience to learn how best to parent them. But it's worth it in the end because every child deserves to feel understood and loved.


Hi all,

I understand the struggle of disciplining a child with stress or anxiety issues as I have been through this with my 10-year-old son. One of the effective ways that have worked for me is to have a consistent two-way open communication with him.

When he is stressed or anxious which has resulted in inappropriate behavior, I try to communicate with him and explain why it was unacceptable. But I am also open to hearing what he has to say about the situation and encourage him to express his feelings openly.

Another technique that has worked for us is using positive reinforcement for good behavior. When he displays appropriate behavior, I praise him for it and let him know that I am proud of him. This not only reinforces positive behavior, but it also helps build self-esteem.

Lastly, I have learned that staying calm is essential when dealing with these situations. It is easy to panic when our children are acting out, but our reactions can increase their anxiety, which is why it is important to maintain our composure.

Overall, it's about finding what works best for my son and having patience and empathy towards his feelings. I keep reminding him that he is loved and valued, and we all make mistakes, but it's important to learn from them and move forward.

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