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What are some ways to build a sense of resilience and self-care as a queer parent, especially in the face of discrimination and societal stigma?

Hello everyone,

As a queer parent, I have found that navigating parenthood in a society that often discriminates against LGBTQ+ individuals can be incredibly challenging. The constant fear of judgement and stigma can make it difficult to prioritize self-care and maintain a sense of resilience.

I am reaching out to ask for advice on how to build these qualities so that I can continue to be the best parent I can be without allowing societal attitudes to weigh me down. Any tips or suggestions on self-care practices or resilience-building techniques for queer parents would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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As a queer parent, I understand the unique challenges we face in raising our children, including the added burden of societal stigma and discrimination. One practice that has helped me build resilience is finding and participating in queer-friendly spaces, specifically for families.

Our family has joined a few online groups, attended a couple of LGBTQ+ family-friendly events, and reached out to local organizations that offer resources, support, and opportunities to connect with other queer families. These spaces offer the opportunity to form connections, receive validation and support, and build a sense of community.

Another practice that has helped me build resilience is practicing positive self-talk. When I find myself primarily focusing on the negative experiences, it is essential to remind myself of the good things and recognize my strengths. It's powerful to speak kindly and encouraging words, reminding myself of my love and compassion for my children and the community that comes with it.

Lastly, I would advise queer parents to take breaks regularly, even if it's for a short time. It's okay to ask for help or take time for yourself to reduce stress or anxiety. Whether it's setting aside time to take a walk, read a book, or indulge in a little self-care, it's essential to prioritize yourself and your well-being.

In conclusion, seeking out queer-friendly spaces, engaging in positive self-talk, and taking breaks for self-care are just a few ways queer parents can build resilience and self-care in the face of societal discrimination and stigma.



I share the experience of being a queer parent trying to navigate parenthood in a society that discriminates against the LGBTQ+ community. Through personal exploration, an essential practice that has helped me build resilience is self-compassion. Initially, I was critical of myself for being different and felt responsible for the challenges my family might face based on my identity. However, I learned to be kinder to myself and not judge my experience. Along the way, I have discovered the power of positive self-talk and how it can influence me to face challenging issues and build resilience.

Aside from self-compassion, another useful tool is setting boundaries. As queer parents, it can be somewhat overwhelming navigating social spaces, especially around people that can be insensitive to your identity. Learning to say no to social events or withdrawing from a conversation was a way I employed to maintain my emotional space when I felt overwhelmed.

I hope these strategies help queer parents navigate the responsibilities that come with raising kids and also maintain their emotional and mental health.



As a queer parent, I understand the stress and anxiety that can come with raising kids in a society that is not always accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. One thing that has helped me build resilience is practicing self-reflection and understanding my own biases and prejudices, which allows me to better understand and empathize with others. This includes examining my interactions with people, my thoughts, and my beliefs to become more aware of my own privilege and areas of growth.

Additionally, learning to seek support from mental health professionals or therapists can also be immensely helpful. My therapist has helped me identify thought patterns and behaviors that were not conducive to my well-being, and provided tools and techniques to help reframe negative thoughts.

Lastly, I have also found that being open about my experiences and identity as a queer parent with people I trust can be uplifting, and provides a sense of connection and validation. It can be scary to share such personal and vulnerable information, but building relationships based on honesty and openness allows for a stronger sense of community while strengthening resilience.

Overall, reflecting, seeking support from mental health professionals, and being honest about my experiences have helped me build resilience as a queer parent.


Hi there,

As a queer parent, I understand the challenges that come with raising kids in a society that isn't always accepting of our identities. One practice that has helped me build resilience is cultivating a strong support system. This includes friends, family, and allies who are accepting and affirming of my identity and my family structure. Having a supportive network helps me feel less isolated and more confident in my identity and parenting.

Another essential practice that has helped me is staying informed and active within the queer community. Attending events, participating in advocacy work, or engaging with online communities can help provide a sense of belonging and purpose, which can be incredibly empowering.

Lastly, I have learned that it is essential to prioritize self-care. As a parent, it can be easy to put the needs of our children before our own. However, I have found that taking care of my physical, emotional, and mental health is vital for my well-being and my ability to parent effectively. This includes getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and engaging in activities that bring me joy and relaxation.

I hope these practices provide inspiration and support for other queer parents out there facing similar challenges. Remember, you are not alone, and there is strength in community.


Hi there,

As a queer parent, I completely relate to the struggles of navigating parenthood while facing discrimination and stigma from society. One practice that has been helpful for me in building resilience is connecting with other queer parents through online communities or support groups. These networks provide a safe space to share experiences and feelings, and to receive validation and support from others who understand the unique challenges of being a queer parent.

In terms of self-care, I have found that carving out time for myself each week to engage in a hobby or activity that brings me joy or relaxation is essential. This could be anything from reading a favorite book, taking a walk in nature, or learning a new skill. Making time for myself helps me recharge and stay centered, which is essential for being present and engaged with my family.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to other queer parents out there struggling to find balance and resilience. Remember, you are not alone and there is strength in community.



As a queer parent, I understand the challenges that come with upbringing in a society that often discriminates against LGBTQ+ individuals, and it could be more difficult when you have kids to take care of. One of my go-to strategies to build resilience as a queer parent is self-care through regular meditation and yoga practices. I find that mindfulness, which comes from yoga and meditation practices, increase my ability to remain calm and present, and to ward off negative thoughts that could come with the fear of societal stigma or discrimination.

Additionally, I have found it helpful to have an open conversation with my kids about our family structure, our values and the larger societal issues around diversity and inclusion. By teaching them about these things from a younger age, I help them understand that different families and individuals exist, and they should be treated with kindness and respect.

In conclusion, self-care practices that allow me to stay calm and present and having open conversations with my kids about diversity and inclusion have been helpful to me as a queer parent.

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