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What are some tips for dealing with picky eaters during mealtime?

Hello everyone,

I am a mother of a 5-year-old boy who is an extremely picky eater. He refuses to eat most of the vegetables and fruits, and even some proteins like chicken and fish. This has become a daily struggle for me as I try to ensure that he is getting enough nutrients in his diet.

I am looking for tips and strategies on how to deal with picky eaters at mealtime. I have tried introducing new foods slowly, hiding vegetables in his favorite dishes, and even using fun and creative presentations, but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone else dealt with a picky eater in their family? What strategies have worked for you? I appreciate any advice or suggestions you may have. Thank you in advance!

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I have been dealing with picky eaters in my family for years, and one thing that has worked for me is giving them a choice. Kids often like to have control over what they eat, so letting them choose what they want for dinner or which vegetable they would like to have can make them feel empowered and more willing to try new things.

I also found that making meals more visually appealing can spark their interest. For example, I would cut vegetables into fun shapes or arrange them into a design on the plate, and it would motivate my kids to try them.

Another important thing is to avoid bribing or rewarding them for eating certain foods. This sends the message that healthy food isn't enjoyable on its own, and it can backfire in the long run. Instead, I offer praise and positive reinforcement when they try something new or make a healthy choice.

Finally, it's important to avoid making separate meals for picky eaters. This reinforces the idea that they don't have to eat what everyone else is eating, and it can make mealtime more stressful for everyone. Instead, offer a variety of options and encourage them to try a little bit of everything.

I hope these tips are helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in dealing with picky eaters in your family!


Hey there,

I understand the struggle of dealing with a picky eater. One strategy that has worked for me is encouraging my child to help me cook or prepare the meals. When they have a hand in making the dish, they are more likely to try it and also appreciate the effort that goes into preparing it.

Another important thing is to set a positive example. Kids often model their behavior after their parents, so it's essential to eat healthy foods in front of them and avoid negative comments about certain foods. It's also good to encourage and praise them when they do try new things.

In addition, I found that offering a variety of textures and flavors can be helpful. Some kids may prefer crunchy foods, while others may prefer something smooth or creamy. Offering a variety of textures can make mealtime more interesting and appealing.

Lastly, being consistent and persistent is key. It may take several attempts before your child starts to enjoy a particular food, but don't give up. Keep offering it in different ways and eventually they may come around.

I hope these tips are useful to you and wish you the best of luck in dealing with your picky eater!


Hi everyone,

I can definitely relate to the struggle of dealing with picky eaters. One approach that has worked for me is making small and gradual changes to the diet. Rather than making drastic changes all at once, start by making small swaps or modifications to the meals. For example, replace white bread with whole wheat bread, or switch out regular pasta for a vegetable-based pasta.

Another tip that has been helpful is getting creative with food combinations. Pairing foods that your child already likes with new or unfamiliar foods can make the transition smoother. For example, if your child likes mac and cheese, try adding some vegetables like broccoli or peas into it.

I've also found that incorporating healthy options into snacks can be beneficial. For instance, instead of serving chips or sweets for a snack, try offering sliced fruit or veggies with hummus.

Lastly, it's important to remember that it's okay to have some days where your child isn't eating as healthy as they should. Keep introducing new foods, and don't give up if they don't like something right away.

I hope these tips help you deal with your picky eaters, and good luck!


As someone who has dealt with a picky eater in my family, I can definitely relate to your struggle. One thing that has worked for me is involving my child in the meal planning process. I ask for their input on what they would like to eat and encourage them to try new things.

Another strategy that has been effective is making mealtime fun and enjoyable. I allow my child to use fun plates and utensils or even play a game during mealtime to distract them from the fact that they are trying something new.

Lastly, I also try to be patient with my child and not force them to eat anything they aren't comfortable with. I offer a variety of healthy options and let them choose what they want to eat. This has helped reduce mealtime battles and stress for both myself and my child.

I hope these tips are helpful and wish you the best of luck in dealing with your picky eater. Don't give up, and keep trying new things!

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