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What are some strategies for managing potential interruptions to my baby's sleep routine, such as teething or illness, while co-sleeping?

Hi all,

I am a new parent and have recently started co-sleeping with my 8-month old baby. I have noticed that sometimes my baby's sleep routine gets interrupted due to teething or illness. I am struggling to manage these interruptions while co-sleeping.

Can anyone suggest some strategies for me to manage these interruptions while co-sleeping without disturbing my baby's sleep routine? I am open to any suggestions or advice from experienced co-sleeping parents.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hey there all,

As a new mom who recently adopted co-sleeping with my 5-month old baby, interruptions to my baby’s sleep routine has been a big challenge. One technique that has proven effective for me is creating a calming environment within the bedroom. This means dimming the lights, minimizing noise and keeping the room cool. The room is also free from distractions such as toys or TV, and the sheets and blankets are made with soft materials to maximize comfort.

Another strategy that has worked well when my baby is experiencing restlessness due to teething or illness, is to rely on natural remedies to ease their discomfort. For instance, I use chamomile tea to help calm my baby or provide small amounts of baby-safe herbal remedies with the guidance of a pediatrician. It is always important to check with your baby’s doctor before using any herbal remedies, just to be on the safe side.

Lastly, I have found that being responsive to my baby’s cries during interruptions is important. For instance, I can tell when my baby is mildly uncomfortable and feeling disoriented due to an illness, so I sometimes sit upright in bed to rock my baby back to sleep or hum a soothing tune until my baby falls asleep.

I hope these strategies help other co-sleeping parents manage the disruptions and uncertainty that come with parenting a teething or sick baby while co-sleeping.


Hello there,

As a father of a 7-month-old baby currently co-sleeping with us, I can relate to the challenges of managing sleep interruptions. One strategy that has worked for us is to keep our baby as comfortable as possible using suitable sleepwear. During teething, we dress him in comfortable onesies and use baby-safe teething products, such as natural rubber teethers, to help him ease the discomfort of his gums to promote a sound sleep.

Additionally, we try to maintain an even feeding schedule during daytime hours as this provides the baby with the necessary nutrients that further promote a sound and uninterrupted sleep pattern. We follow the principle of sleep begetting sleep- so the more the baby sleeps during the day, the better they sleep at night.

Another technique we've found useful in managing sleep interruptions is co-creating a nightly routine with our baby. This entails holding, cuddling, singing and talking to the baby during the pre-sleep wind-down time as we transition them into deep sleep. We have found this works well with smoothing the sleeping pattern and reducing the wake-up interval during the night.

I hope these strategies help other co-sleeping parents to form structure around feeding and night sleep routines as this provides comfort and security for your baby during periods of sleep disturbances caused by teething, among other causes.


Hi there!

As a co-sleeping parent, I completely understand how tough it can be to manage interruptions to your baby's sleep routine. One strategy that has worked for me is to have a designated area in the bed for my baby to sleep in. I use a co-sleeper that is specifically designed for this purpose. This way, when my baby is ill or teething, they can still feel comfortable and secure in their sleeping area, while being close enough to me to be soothed by my presence.

Another strategy that has been helpful for managing interruptions to my baby's sleep routine is to establish a consistent bedtime routine. This routine typically includes a warm bath, a massage, a feeding, and a story or song. This routine helps my baby wind down and transition into sleep mode, which makes it easier for them to fall back asleep when they do wake up due to teething or illness.

Finally, I have found that communication is key when co-sleeping with a baby. If my baby is teething or is experiencing a particularly rough night, I try to be extra attentive to their needs and provide comforting gestures, such as rubbing their back or holding their hand. By doing so, I am able to maintain a peaceful sleep environment for my baby and ensure that they feel safe and secure throughout the night.

I hope these strategies are helpful to other co-sleeping parents out there!


Hello everyone,

As a mother of a 15-month-old baby who has been co-sleeping since birth, I can definitely relate to the challenges of managing sleep interruptions. One strategy that has worked for me is to provide extra comfort to my baby when he is teething or feeling unwell. This involves putting him to bed with a special blanket or stuffed animal that he finds comforting. I have also found that giving him a gentle massage on his gums can help ease the pain of teething and help him fall back asleep.

Another strategy that has helped to manage sleep interruptions is to have a backup plan. For instance, if my baby wakes up crying, I have a set of strategies that I use to soothe him back to sleep, such as singing a lullaby, swaying him gently, or giving him a pacifier. I have also found that having a night-light in the room can be helpful in calming him down during those middle-of-the-night wake-ups.

Finally, I have learned to be flexible when co-sleeping with a baby. While consistency can be helpful, it is also important to recognize that babies’ needs can change without notice. For instance, there were times when my baby would only fall asleep in my arms while being rocked, and other times when he would not let me touch him. Being able to adapt to his changing needs and finding what works in the moment has been key to managing sleep interruptions.

I hope these strategies are helpful to other co-sleeping parents out there!

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