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What are some strategies for managing distractions while working from home with children around?

Hi there,

I am a working mother of two young children aged 4 and 6. Since the pandemic hit, I have been working from home while also trying to manage my children's virtual school work and take care of their needs. I am finding it really difficult to focus on my work with so many distractions around me. I feel like I am constantly interrupted by my children and it's affecting my productivity.

I would love to hear from other parents who are in a similar situation and have found ways to manage distractions while working from home with children around. What strategies have you found to be effective? How do you balance work and childcare responsibilities? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there,

I hope you are doing well. I am also working from home with two young children, and it was turning out to be a total challenge until I told my remote team lead about my situation. Since then, they have been very understanding and even gave me the flexibility to set my work hours as per my child's schedule. This allowed me to split my workday into smaller segments where I focus on getting things done while my kids are occupied.

Another good hack is to take advantage of your child's screen time by planning your work during this period. I try to prepare and schedule any conference calls or video meetings during my daughter's screen time which sometimes effectively leads to an interruption-free work-session.

Although additional screen time is a bit of a compromise, it does give us flexibility and sometimes additional productivity by giving us additional time - it's a balance we have to aim for.

I hope my experiences help a bit, and you find the correct solution for you!


Hi there,

As a work-from-home mother of a toddler, I completely understand your struggle. It can be tough to balance work and looking after your children. One strategy I've found helpful is to create a schedule for my child and stick to it as much as possible. For example, I know that my child usually takes a nap around noon, so I plan to do my most important work during that time.

Another technique that has worked for me is to designate a specific area for work. I set up a desk in a separate room and when I'm there, my child knows it's time for me to work and they should not disturb me unless it's an emergency. I try to make this space as comfortable and inviting as possible so that I can remain productive.

Lastly, it's important to communicate with your colleagues and supervisors about your situation. Let them know that you have kids at home and ask for their understanding and support. This will help ease some of the pressure you may be feeling and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

I hope these strategies help you manage the distractions while working from home with kids. Good luck!


Hi everyone,

As a single mom of two teenagers, I can understand how difficult it is to manage distractions while working from home with children around. One strategy that has helped me is creating a work-from-home schedule for myself and my kids. I involve them in the process and encourage them to come up with fun activities they can do while I'm working. This helps them feel included and makes them less likely to interrupt me.

I also make sure to get up early and get as much work done in the early morning when my kids are still asleep. This way, I can have some quiet time to focus and complete important tasks before they wake up and need my attention.

Finally, I have created a dedicated workspace that is off-limits to my kids. I have a home office where I can concentrate on work with limited interruption. This space is equipped with all the necessary equipment, and it helps me stay focused and productive.

These are just a few strategies that have worked for me, and I hope they will be helpful to others who are struggling with the same challenges. Remember, it's all about finding what works for you and your family. Best of luck!


Hey there,

I am a work-from-home dad of a 1-year-old child. I can totally relate to how difficult it is to balance work and being a parent. To manage distractions, I have found it helpful to set boundaries with regards to my work schedule. Instead of working continuously throughout the day, I set specific work hours that I communicate to my partner and friends. When I'm working, I try to limit phone calls, texts, and social media as much as possible.

However, having a kid around means that there are unavoidable interruptions that occur, so I take advantage of my child's nap time to complete my most critical work. I utilize this time to tackle the more important tasks that require my undivided attention.

Finally, I try to be patient and understanding with myself, and realize that some days won't be very productive because of the constant interruptions. So, I remind myself that it's all right to feel distracted and it's important to take breaks to reset and refocus.

I hope these strategies help others manage the distractions while working from home with kids. All the best!

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