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What are some strategies for coping with a baby who is a picky eater and reluctant to try new foods?

Hi everyone, I'm a new mom and struggling with feeding my picky eater baby. My daughter is 9 months old and has always been reluctant to try new foods. She spits out anything that's not mashed sweet potatoes or bananas. I'm worried she's not getting enough nutrients for her growth and development. I've tried introducing new foods in small quantities, but she just won't take it. I'm looking for any strategies or tips that have worked for other parents dealing with a picky eater baby. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi, I've been in the same boat as you and have a few tricks up my sleeve to share. My son has always been a picky eater and didn't want to try anything new. What worked for us was introducing new flavors and textures gradually. I would try seasoning purees with different herbs and spices and also offering finger foods like soft cooked carrots and cucumber sticks. Another thing that helped was to make mealtimes a social event. We would all sit at the table together and I would offer my son a spoon to hold, which kept him distracted and happy. Lastly, I found that modeling good eating habits helped. If he saw me and his father eating a variety of foods, he was more likely to try them too. Remember that babies have different taste preferences just like adults, so don't worry too much if your baby isn't interested in something. Keep trying and try not to stress too much. Good luck!


Hi there, as a mom of two, I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a picky eater baby. One strategy that has worked for me is to mix new foods with familiar foods. For example, I would mix a small amount of broccoli puree with mashed sweet potatoes. This way, my baby was more likely to try it since it still had the taste and texture of something she likes. Another thing that helped was to make the food visually appealing. I would cut fruits and veggies into fun shapes or make a colorful puree. I found that my baby was more likely to be interested in something that looks interesting. Finally, don't give up too easily. It can take several attempts before a baby accepts a new food, so keep introducing it little by little. Good luck!


As a mom of a picky eater toddler, I understand how challenging mealtimes can be. One thing that has worked for us is offering choices. I would present two vegetables or fruits for him to choose from and let him pick which one he wanted. This way, he felt in control and was more willing to try the food. Another thing that helped was to make food fun by cutting it into fun shapes or arranging it in a fun way on the plate. I even let him help me cook sometimes and he was much more willing to try what he helped make. Lastly, I always try to offer a variety of foods, but don't force him to eat anything he truly doesn't like. As long as he's getting a balanced diet overall, I don't stress if he doesn't eat a certain food every day. Remember, every child is different and it takes time to find what works best for your little one.


Hi there, I can relate to your frustration with a picky eater baby. My daughter was the same way and it made meal times very tough. One thing that really helped us was to make meal times predictable by sticking to a routine. We would offer meals at consistent times every day and sit in the same place at the table. This helped my daughter feel more comfortable and less anxious about the food. Another thing that helped was to offer a variety of textures. Some babies are sensitive to textures, so it's important to offer different textures to see what they like. Lastly, I would always offer something my daughter likes along with a new food. This way, she wasn't relying on the new food alone, but was also getting something she already liked. Don't give up, it takes time and patience, but they will eventually branch out and try new things.


Hi there, I can relate to your struggle with a picky eater baby. My son was the same way and still is to some extent, but he's come a long way. One thing that helped us was to involve him in the process of choosing and preparing food. I would let him pick out fruits and veggies at the store and then let him help me wash and peel them. He was more likely to try something if he felt like he had a say in it. I also tried to make mealtime fun by playing games or singing songs. This helped take the focus off of just eating and made it a more positive experience. Finally, I found that being patient and not forcing the issue was key. If my son wasn't interested in a particular food one day, I would try again another day. It took some time, but he eventually started to try and like new foods. Keep at it, it will get easier!

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