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What are some signs that my baby is ready to transition from co-sleeping to sleeping in their own bed?

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mom and have been co-sleeping with my little one since birth. It's been convenient, and I love having him close by, but I've noticed that as he's getting older (he's now 9 months), it's becoming harder for both of us to get a good night's sleep. He's constantly tossing and turning, and I find myself waking up frequently to check on him.

I'm wondering if it's time to transition him to his own bed, and if so, what signs should I be looking for to know that he's ready? He can sit up on his own and is starting to crawl, but he's not yet walking. He still breastfeeds throughout the night, so I'm also worried about how that will work if he's in his own room.

Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Hello everyone,

My experience with transitioning my child from co-sleeping to sleeping in his own bed was quite different. My son was a very clingy baby, and despite being over a year old, he still needed to be close to me all the time. I tried several times to put him in his own bed, but he would wake up crying and would only calm down once he was back in bed with me.

But one night, something clicked, and he slept through the night in his own bed! I was surprised but relieved that he had finally gotten used to it. After that, he gradually started sleeping in his own bed more frequently and only needed to come into my bed occasionally for comfort.

So my advice would be to trust your instincts and your child's needs. Some babies may be ready for their own bed earlier than others, and that's okay. It's all about finding what works best for your family and your individual situation.

In terms of signs your baby is ready, keep an eye out for them showing more independence and being comfortable in their own space. But don't worry too much if they're not quite there yet – they'll get there eventually!

Good luck, and remember to be patient and gentle with your little one during the transition.



When we were deciding whether to transition our son from co-sleeping to sleeping in his own bed, we looked for signs like him sleeping for longer stretches of time, being restless in our bed, and taking up more space as he grew. We also noticed that he was showing more signs of independence, like crawling and playing on his own.

We started putting our son in his own bed at around 6 months old, but only for the first part of the night. We would then bring him back into our bed when he woke up for his nighttime feeding. Slowly, he started sleeping longer and longer stretches in his own bed, until one night he slept through the night on his own!

One thing we did to make the transition easier was to make his bed feel familiar and cozy. We used the same sheets and blankets we had been using in our bed, and made sure he had his favorite stuffed animal with him.

Every baby is different, and there's no one right way to transition from co-sleeping to sleeping in their own bed. It's important to find what works best for you and your child, and to be patient and consistent in your approach.

Good luck with the transition!


Hi there!

I'm a mother of two, and while we co-slept with our first-born for almost a year, we decided to move her to her own bed earlier due to her restlessness and frequent waking up. With our second child, we noticed that he was ready for his own bed when he started showing signs of independence, such as sitting up on his own and crawling. He also seemed to prefer sleeping on his own and would fuss whenever we tried to move him into our bed for the night.

In addition to the signs mentioned by previous users, one sign that your child may be ready for their own bed is if they no longer fit comfortably in your bed. As your baby grows, they will take up more space and may start to kick or push you during the night.

When we transitioned our children to their own beds, we made sure to keep a consistent bedtime routine and gradually introduced them to their new sleeping environment. We also made sure that their new bed was in a safe and comfortable space in their room. It was definitely an adjustment for all of us, but it was worth it in the end as everyone was able to get better quality sleep.

I hope this helps!


Hi there,

I was in a similar situation as you with my first baby. We co-slept for the first few months, but eventually decided to transition her to her own bed when she started rolling over and seemed more aware of her surroundings. We also noticed she was waking up more frequently throughout the night and seemed restless.

Some signs that she was ready for her own bed include:

- Being able to roll over and move around more independently
- Showing a preference for sleeping without constant physical contact
- Sleeping for longer periods of time when not in bed with us
- Generally being more alert and aware of her surroundings during the day

It definitely took some adjustment, but we found that having a consistent bedtime routine helped a lot. We also started introducing a bottle before bed to help fill her up and make sure she wasn't waking up out of hunger.

One thing to keep in mind is that every baby is different, so what worked for us may not work for you. But hopefully this helps! Good luck with the transition.

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