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What are some healthy meal options for a toddler who is lactose intolerant?

Hi everyone,

I am a mom of a 2-year-old toddler who has recently been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. It has been a challenge for me to come up with healthy meal options for him, as he used to love having yogurt for breakfast and milk with other meals. I am now seeking some advice on what types of healthy meal options I can provide for my little one, given his lactose intolerance.

I am trying to find some easy-to-make and nutrient-rich options that my toddler will enjoy eating. I am open to any suggestions, from breakfast to dinner ideas.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I can definitely relate to your situation, as my 3-year-old son is also lactose intolerant. For breakfast, I often give him oatmeal with sliced fruit and a drizzle of honey, or scrambled eggs with whole grain toast.

For lunch, I like to make homemade veggie burgers with a side of roasted vegetables or a salad. I also make lentil soup with coconut milk as a creamy alternative to dairy. Another option that my son enjoys is a whole grain wrap with hummus, veggies, and grilled chicken.

As for dinner, we often have grilled or roasted meat or fish with quinoa or brown rice and some steamed or roasted vegetables. I find that seasoning the food well and using herbs and spices help to add flavor and make up for the lack of dairy.

I hope these ideas are helpful for you!


Hi everyone,

I'm a mom of a 3-year-old daughter who is lactose intolerant. One of our favorite breakfast options is a smoothie bowl made with frozen bananas, berries and a splash of almond milk. We top it with some fresh fruit and granola for added texture.

For lunch, I like to make her lentil soup with veggies and vegetable broth. Another option for lunch is a chickpea salad with avocado and veggies.

For dinner, we usually have rice or pasta with tomato sauce and veggies or lentil bolognese. We also enjoy making homemade pizzas with dairy-free cheese and veggie toppings.

One of our go-to snacks are rice cakes with peanut butter and sliced fruit like apples or strawberries.

I hope these ideas can be of help to all the parents out there with lactose intolerant children.



I also have a lactose intolerant toddler who is over 2 years old. One way I manage to prepare healthy meals for him is by making use of lactose-free milk or plant-based milk such as soy or almond milk. I usually use lactose-free milk for making oatmeal, pancakes, and mashed potatoes.

For lunch, I usually make him grilled chicken or fish with brown rice and steamed veggies. During the week, I make vegetarian chili with lentils and substitute cow's milk with unsweetened coconut milk. Another option I usually give for lunch is a sandwich with almond butter, fresh produce, and organic turkey or chicken.

I try to limit his intake of processed meats, so instead of getting pepperoni on his pizza I'll substitute it for grilled chicken with some fresh herbs and veggies.

I hope these suggestions help you!



I'm a dad of a 2-year-old boy who is lactose intolerant. One of the things I like to prepare for breakfast is a bowl of chia seed pudding with almond milk, cinnamon, and sliced bananas on top. It's a great alternative to oatmeal and is very easy to prepare the night before.

For lunch, we often have lentil or vegetable soup with some homemade gluten-free bread. Another option we love is a vegetable stir-fry with black bean noodles and a homemade sauce made with peanut butter, ginger, and garlic.

For dinner, we usually have roasted or grilled chicken with quinoa or brown rice and steamed veggies on the side. I also like to prepare gluten-free pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables like zucchini and asparagus.

As a snack, we often have rice cakes with almond butter and some sliced fruit like pears or kiwis.

I hope these ideas can inspire you to create tasty and nutritious meals for your little one!


Hey everyone,

I'm a mom of a 5-year-old girl who is lactose intolerant. For breakfast, my daughter loves pancakes made with almond milk and oat flour. I also like to make smoothies with coconut milk and frozen fruit.

For lunch, I like to make soup with a base of vegetable broth and some homemade croutons on top. Another favorite is veggie-packed sushi rolls made with carrots, avocado, and cucumber.

For dinner, we usually have baked salmon with sweet potatoes and green beans or roasted veggies. Another option we like is rice bowls with black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, and salsa.

For snacks, my daughter loves having apples with peanut butter or a homemade trail mix with nuts and dried fruit.

I have found that substituting lactose-free alternatives has worked great for us and there are many great options out there. Just taking a little extra time to plan and prepare meals can make all the difference.

I hope these ideas are helpful and inspire you to create some delicious meals for your lactose intolerant toddler!


Hello all,

I'm a mom of a 4-year-old girl who is lactose intolerant. One of our favorite breakfasts is avocado toast on whole wheat bread with a splash of lemon juice and a sprinkle of paprika on top. We also enjoy fruit smoothies made with almond milk, a banana, some frozen berries, and a handful of spinach.

For lunch, my daughter loves quinoa bowls with black beans, sautéed veggies like bell peppers and onions, and some sliced avocado on top. We also like to make sweet potato fries or baked sweet potato wedges as a side dish.

As for dinners, we enjoy homemade stir-fries with tofu, fresh vegetables, and some gluten-free soy sauce. Another alternative that we like is to make turkey or chicken meatballs with gluten-free breadcrumbs and serve them with roasted veggies and quinoa or brown rice.

I hope these meal ideas can inspire you with some healthy, lactose-free options to nourish your little ones!

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