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What are some good ways to promote physical activity and exercise for my preteen?

Hi everyone, I have a preteen daughter who is currently spending a lot of time indoors due to the pandemic. I'm worried about her physical health and want to encourage her to be more active. However, I'm struggling to come up with ways to get her interested in exercise. She's not a big sports fan and the weather outside is too hot at the moment. I don't want to force her, but I want to find a way to make exercise fun for her. Any suggestions for me? What are some good ways to promote physical activity and exercise for my preteen?

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I can definitely relate to your struggle as a parent. My son was never really into sports, so I had to get creative when it came to promoting physical activity. One way that worked for us was to make exercise a part of our daily routine. Every day after dinner, we would go for a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. This allowed for quality time together as a family while promoting physical activity.

Another method that worked for us was finding activities that incorporated exercise but didn't feel like exercise. For example, we got a basketball hoop for the driveway and had fun playing games of "horse" or "around the world". We also went on bike rides and did weekend hikes in nearby trails. This made it more enjoyable for my son and helped him develop an interest in physical activity.

Lastly, I found that setting achievable goals for him was an effective way to promote exercise. We started with small goals, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and worked our way up to bigger goals. Having a plan and a way to measure progress helped motivate my son and made exercise less intimidating.

In conclusion, incorporating physical activity into daily routines, finding enjoyable activities, and setting achievable goals can go a long way in promoting exercise for preteens.


Hi there, as a parent of a preteen boy, I can understand your concerns about promoting physical activity. My son was also not interested in sports and it was a challenge to get him active. One strategy that worked for us was to find an activity that interests him. We discovered that he is a great swimmer, and we encourage him to attend swimming lessons regularly, which has helped him to become more physically active.

Additionally, we found it useful to make exercise a part of our family routine. We try to do some physical activity like a family game of football, badminton or playing catch in the park every Sunday, and we have created a friendly competition between us to make it more interesting. These activities, earlier Sunday was a dull day for us, but now it has become more fun and active for the entire family.

Lastly, we tried to remove any barriers to physical activity. To do so, we provided him with appropriate clothes and shoes for any physical activity of his choice. It might seem simple, but new shoes or proper fitting clothes can make a massive difference in his motivation to participate.

In conclusion, finding out your preteen's interests, incorporating physical activity into family routines, and removing any barriers to activity can be crucial in promoting exercise for preteens. I hope this helps you to encourage your child toward a healthy lifestyle.


I completely understand your concerns as a parent, and I have a teenager myself who faced the same issues. One of the things that worked with my teenager was to sit down and discuss the benefits of physical activity and exercising regularly. I made sure to explain the short and the long-term benefits, such as improved mood and better health.

Furthermore, I let my teenager take the lead and decide what activity they would like to participate in. Once they chose an activity, they were more motivated to learn and participate enthusiastically. They also appreciated that I was listening to their interests, providing them with an element of control in this whole process.

Lastly, we made small goals, which they could achieve, and celebrated their wins every time. A small win, like taking a 10-minute walk, became an opportunity to validate my teenager and the motivation to do better the next day.

In conclusion, I suggest that encouraging your child to exercise regularly, with appreciation and understanding, will create a positive impact on their activity level and potentially lead to a healthier lifestyle.


As a parent, I can relate to your concerns. My preteen daughter was also spending a lot of time indoors due to lockdowns and I was worried about her physical health. One thing that worked for us was getting her involved in a physical activity that she enjoyed, such as dancing or yoga. We found online classes that were age-appropriate and she enjoyed doing them in the living room with me.

Another method that worked well for us was turning exercise into a game. We would make up our own fitness challenges or play active games like tag or frisbee in the backyard. This made it more fun for my daughter and helped her get moving.

Lastly, I would recommend setting a good example yourself. If your child sees you being active or exercising regularly, they are more likely to follow in your footsteps. You could suggest going for walks, bike rides or other activities together as a family.

Overall, the key is to find something that your preteen enjoys or that you can make fun for them, while also encouraging them to be physically active.

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