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What are some good ways to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices for my preteen?

Hi everyone, I am a parent of a preteen and I am concerned about the impact that our actions have on the environment. I want to teach my child about environmental awareness and sustainable practices so that they become conscious and responsible citizens in the future. I am looking for some good ways to promote this lifestyle at home and outside. Any suggestions on how I can make it interesting and engaging for my preteen? Are there any online resources or activities that could help? Thank you in advance!

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Hello everyone! As a parent of a preteen, I believe it's essential to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices by making it a fun thing to do. One of the ways I do this is to challenge my preteen to make the most out of our energy and water usage by turning it into a game. For instance, we've made a chart to compare electrical usage during different times of the day or a competition to practice water conservation by timing who takes the quickest shower among everyone in the family. This way, your preteen learns about resource management in a fun and engaging manner.

Another way I've found to promote sustainability to my preteen is to involve them in environmentally friendly activities, such as nature walks or hikes. By teaching them about the value of natural spaces and what they can do to protect them, you're promoting awareness of the individual's impact on the environment. For example, my preteen and I take long walks through parks, collecting waste and plastic, and then recycling these items when we get back home.

I also find that volunteer work is another way to raise environmental awareness. Participating in cleanup activities at local parks and beaches has helped my preteen to see the environmental impact of littering and the importance of taking steps to dispose of waste properly.

Lastly, it's essential to celebrate your preteen's successes in environmental consciousness, no matter how small. Whether choosing to not use disposable plates, picking up waste on the streets, or sorting the recyclable material, it's crucial to nurture a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for their contributions.

These are some ways that have worked for me, I hope that you find them useful in promoting sustainable practices and environmental awareness in your preteen.


Hi there! I completely agree with you, the importance of promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices cannot be overstated. One way I have instilled this value in my preteens is by encouraging them to have regular conversations around topics such as renewable energy and waste reduction. I believe that keeping the dialogue open helps build a culture of consciousness around ecological matters.

As my kids love technology, I have also utilized eco-friendly apps, video games, and documentaries to make complex environmental concepts more accessible for them. These resources have helped them to see how they can take personal responsibility for their environment and has made the knowledge stick more at a deeper level.

In addition, I always take my kids to visit national parks, zoos, and botanical gardens where they can appreciate the beauty of nature as well as understand and observe various indigenous species. These trips have enabled them to learn about the importance of preserving biodiversity and has allowed them to also be more empathic towards their surroundings.

Finally, I advise that as a parent, you lead by example. If your preteen sees you incorporating sustainable practices in your daily routine and adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle, they are more likely to follow suit. This simple act of modeling these behaviors can go a long way in helping them understand their role in protecting the environment.

I hope you find these tips and strategies helpful. Good luck on the journey to promoting environmentally conscious behaviors and values in your preteen!


Hello! I have a 12-year-old daughter and I find that the best way to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices is by making them a part of our daily routine. Instead of it just being a one-time thing, incorporating these practices into our everyday lives has made it feel more like a responsibility than a chore.

One way I've done this is by cooking meals together and using locally sourced organic produce. It's a great way to teach your preteen about where food comes from and how eating sustainably can positively impact the environment. In addition, we've switched to a reusable water bottle and started composting, which has led to us producing less waste overall.

I also find that it's important to explain to your preteen why these practices are important. For example, we've had conversations about how overfishing can lead to a decline in fish populations and how our actions can contribute to climate change. By having these discussions, it helps individuals understand the impact of their actions on the environment and how they can make a difference.

Another thing that has worked well is taking my daughter to local farmer's markets, and recycling centers, etc. This provides her with firsthand experience of where products come from, how they are made, and how waste is processed.

Lastly, environmentally conscious travel should be given importance. This way, preteens learn to respect nature and wildlife. We have gone on eco-tourism trips, animal sanctuaries, and nature reserves, which have helped to create a love for the environment in our daughter.

I hope these tips help you in promoting sustainable practices and environmental awareness in your preteen.


Hello, I completely understand your concern. I have a preteen myself and I believe the best way to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices is through hands-on activities. Therefore, I involve my preteen in outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, visiting local farms and supporting local markets. This way he is in contact with nature and is more likely to understand the need to care and protect our environment.

Another strategy that I found works well is to demonstrate how preteens can repurpose materials they might find around the house. For instance, creating DIY lamps, bird-feeders, plant holders, or CD coasters can be an excellent way to educate them about the importance of recycling while simultaneously demonstrating their artistic creativity.

I also encourage my preteen to participate in school environmental clubs, and I volunteer for activities that promote awareness of environmental issues in my son’s school. This has resulted in my preteen creating a stronger sense of responsibility for saving the environment and motivated him to carry out the practices even when he is not under my supervision.

Lastly, it would help to choose activities that interest the preteen in question. For my preteen, I repeatedly organized science lessons on the effect of littering on aquatic life, then accompanied him to the beach for a cleanup exercise. This strategy appears to have been successful, and my preteen now takes pride in the litter-free beach, and now looks to expand this to other aspects of his environment.

I hope these personal experiences work as useful guidelines in your quest to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices in your preteen.


Hi there! As a parent of three preteens, I completely understand your concern about environmental awareness and sustainability. One way that I have found effective in promoting this lifestyle is by involving my children in simple everyday tasks that contribute to the environment. For example, we always carry reusable bags when shopping and use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. We also have a backyard garden where my kids help me grow vegetables and herbs, which I find exciting for them as they can see the results of their efforts.

I have also found great resources online that have allowed me to teach my kids about environmental issues such as climate change and ocean pollution in a fun and engaging way. I recommend checking out websites like National Geographic Kids or NASA Climate Kids for child-friendly content on sustainable living and environmental education.

Another way to encourage sustainable practices is to volunteer as a family in local conservation projects or community cleanups. This can be a great learning experience for your child and teaches them the importance of taking care of their community and planet.

I hope this helps! Good luck on your journey to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability to your preteen.


Hello everyone! As a mother of two preteens, I have found that involving them in the creation and maintenance of a small garden, and even a compost box or pile, is a great way of promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices. This has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint, create healthier soil, and of course, provides us with fresh produce at the table.

Another way to promote environmental awareness is by encouraging creative recycling. We started with plastic bottles, old clothes, and furniture, then turned them into pots, rags, and other craft items. Preteens love to use their imaginations and make things with their hands, so this is a way to make it fun and exciting for them.

When we go grocery shopping, we bring reusable bags, boxes or baskets, and say no to plastic packaging. It's a small change, but when you see how much trash is produced this way, you feel good about making a difference.

Finally, I also find it helpful to connect with other families engaged in the same project. This way, they share ideas, encourage each other, and excitedly push each other in the right direction, leading to a stronger motivation towards being environmentally conscious.

These strategies have helped me and my preteens make a small impact on the environment, while still enjoying great experiences. I hope you find these recommendations useful for promoting eco-consciousness in your preteens too.

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