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What are some good ways to celebrate my toddler's potty training success?

Hey everyone,

My toddler has finally mastered potty training and I'm so proud of him! I want to celebrate this milestone in a special way but I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas on how I can celebrate his success?

Additional context: My son is 2 years old and has been potty training for the past few months. We've had some ups and downs, but he's finally able to go potty on his own without any accidents. I want to make this a memorable moment for him and show him how proud I am of his achievement. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Congratulations! Potty training is a big milestone for both the child and the parent. When my son was potty trained, we celebrated by taking him to a toy store and letting him pick out a new toy as a reward for his success. He was thrilled to pick out a remote-controlled car and it made him feel special. Another way we celebrated was by having a small family gathering with his favorite foods, including pizza and ice cream. We decorated the house with balloons and streamers to make it festive. Lastly, we created a sticker chart for him, where he could put a sticker every time he successfully used the potty. We kept the chart up for a few weeks and once he filled it up, we gave him a special treat like a new book or a trip to the park. The key is to make it fun and positive, and to let them know how proud you are of them.


Hey there! Congratulations on your little one's potty training success! That's a huge accomplishment for both of you. When my daughter was potty trained, we made sure to commemorate the moment. We threw a small party with her grandparents and aunts/uncles. We put up some balloons and streamers which made it look fun and celebratory. We baked a cake for her and let her blow the candles. Besides this, I also gifted her a sticker chart where she could add stickers whenever she used the potty properly. On completion of the chart, we took her to a nearby zoo as a gift for completing her task in a positive manner. These small gestures made the milestone much more exciting, and it also helped to keep my daughter encouraged to continue using the potty.


Hello there! Congrats on your toddler's potty training success. It's such a good feeling to see your child ticking off milestones. When my son was potty trained, we celebrated the occasion by taking him for a fun day out to his favorite park. We packed a picnic basket with his favorite foods and called his best mate along. We also played a lot of fun games like hide and seek and musical chairs. We also made sure to pack a few potty stickers in case he used the park's loo. We gave him a sticker whenever he used the potty correctly, reminding him that we were proud of him. Overall it was a beautiful day and gave him the affirmation he needed to continue using the potty. It's important to treat these milestones as a celebration to help your child feel special and motivated.


Hey everyone! Congrats on achieving this big milestone! When my child was potty trained, we celebrated with a special day out to a local amusement park. We started the day out with a big breakfast with her favorite pancakes and juice. We picked out her favorite dress and some comfortable shoes, and headed over to the amusement park. We spent the day riding all her favorite rides that she had never been able to go on before. We took lots of pictures and made sure to cheer her on every time she used the potty on her own, which was a big deal for her. As my little one loves sweet treats, we also ordered up a big ice cream sundae to share, further highlighting the joy of the moment. This day was a memorable moment for our family, and it helped us to mark this big moment with fun memories.

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