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What are some good toys for introducing my baby to different musical instruments?

Hi everyone,

I am a new mom, and I am looking for some toy recommendations to introduce my baby to different musical instruments. I am a big fan of music myself, and I would love for my little one to have an early introduction to the world of instruments.

Can anyone suggest some good toys that are safe for babies to play with and can help them learn about different instruments such as piano, guitar, drum, etc.? Also, are there any specific brands or products that you would recommend?

I would appreciate any tips and advice! Thank you in advance.

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Hey there!

As a music therapist, I would recommend the Baby Einstein Musical Toy Bundle for infants and toddlers. This bundle comes with three musical toys, including a piano, guitar, and tambourine. Each one features bright and interactive features like keys, strings, and drum pads. These toys help infants and toddlers develop their senses and engage their curiosity in music through various sounds and textures.

Another amazing instrument set is the skip hop explore and more musical instrument set. This set includes musical toys like a light-up keyboard, a xylophone, a drum, and more. Each toy is made with high-quality materials and features various colors and sounds. Your child will enjoy exploring and experimenting with the different musical features.

Both of these toys have given my clients a wonderful experience and helped them develop their musical abilities. Hence I strongly recommend these toys to introduce your baby to the world of musical instruments.


Hello there,

As a parent who loves to expose my little one to music, I would recommend the VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophone. It has a cute animal design, and babies can use the mallet to strike the xylophone keys, creating different sounds and melodies. It also comes with several buttons that babies can press to hear animal sounds and music.

Another great toy is the Fisher-Price Musical Band Drum Set. It comes with a drum, cymbal, and two drumsticks. Babies can bang on the different instruments and create different beats to various melodies. It has different modes, including a learning mode where babies can learn about numbers, colors, and shapes.

Both of these toys are great for parents looking to introduce their babies to the world of music. They are also safe, durable, and provide hours of fun for babies. I hope this helps!


Hello all,

As a music teacher and a new mom, I highly recommend the B. toys Parum Pum Pum Drum Set. It is a colorful and engaging toy, featuring a drum, shakers, a tambourine, and other percussion instruments. My daughter loves the variety of instruments and can create different rhythms and beats by using different instruments.

Another toy that I find great is the Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band Set. It comes with bright, attractive instruments like maracas, a rainbow bell stick, a mini-xylophone, and a kazoo. It is an ideal toy for developing sensory awareness and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and safety for your little ones.

I believe that these toys are excellent for introducing babies to music and developing their early musical skills. They have worked well for my little one and helped to expose her to different music genres and sounds.


Hi there,

As a fellow parent who is passionate about music, I recommend the Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table. It has multiple modes where babies can play with different instruments such as piano keys, guitar, drums, and more. My little one loves exploring the different sounds and lights that the table produces. It has several songs and melodies that he enjoys listening and dancing to.

Another great toy that I have found useful is the Hape Pound and Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone. It comes with a wooden hammer that babies can use to pound on the balls that run down the xylophone, creating different musical notes. It helps develop their hand-eye coordination and introduces them to basic concepts of music.

Both of these toys are well-made, durable, and have helped my little one develop an appreciation for music. I hope this helps!

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