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What are some good toys for introducing my baby to different cultures and traditions?

Hi everyone,

I am a new mom and I want to introduce my baby to different cultures and traditions from around the world. I believe that it's important to expose my child to different ways of life and beliefs from an early age. I plan to travel with my baby when it's safe to do so, but I also want to bring the world to her through toys and play.

Can anyone recommend some good toys that will help me introduce my baby to different cultures and traditions? I'm looking for toys that are educational, engaging, and age-appropriate for a baby. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Hey there!

As a mom of two preschoolers, I can share some of the cultural toys that worked well for us. One of the toys that my kids absolutely love is a "World Food Truck" set by Hape. It is a small wooden toy set that features food from around the world, including sushi, pizza, kebabs, and more. This toy allowed us to talk about different cuisines and cultures while we played. It is a fun way for kids to learn about different foods and cultures.

Another toy that I got for my kids is a set of wooden building blocks that feature iconic landmarks from around the world. The set includes miniatures of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Big Ben and more. For us, this toy was a great way to introduce our kids to different cultures and famous landmarks while we built towers and structures together.

Lastly, I also recommend a subscription to cultural magazines like National Geographic Little Kids or for older kids like Time for Kids. These magazines feature stories and images from around the globe which sparks an interest in different cultures and traditions. My kids enjoyed going through the pages and they were always fascinated by the different pictures.

In conclusion, these hands-on toys and reading materials are a perfect way to introduce your child to different cultures and traditions. They help to spark curiosity and love for cultures and diversity, while also being fun and interactive. I hope these suggestions help!



As a teacher who works with children from diverse cultural backgrounds, here are some toys and activities that I recommend to introduce your baby to different cultures and traditions.

Firstly, I recommend a set of cultural puzzles, which feature images from around the world. These puzzles have beautiful illustrations of different landmarks, festivals, and traditions that are perfect for developing cognitive and spatial skills in babies while also educating them about different cultures.

Another engaging toy is the "World of Eric Carle" soft toys. These toys feature characters from the famous children's author's books, which explore different cultures and countries. The toys come in different shapes and sizes, and they're perfect for babies to cuddle while you read them stories.

Lastly, I recommend a multicultural music activity set, which includes instruments and music from around the world. This toy is perfect for introducing your baby to different rhythms, sounds, and musical traditions. It is a fun and interactive way to develop your baby's musical skills, while also introducing them to different cultures.

In summary, these toys and activities aim to foster an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and traditions in your baby. As your baby grows, they will continue to discover and learn about different cultures and traditions, which will shape their worldview, and inspire them to be curious, empathetic and inclusive.


Hi there,

I completely agree with you that it's important to expose your child to different cultures and traditions from around the world. As a parent, I have done the same with my baby. One of the toys that I recommend is a set of world jigsaw puzzles. This helped my baby learn about different continents, countries, and their landmarks. It is also a great bonding activity for parents and babies.

Another toy that I found useful is an interactive globe. It teaches about different countries, their flags, languages, and cultures. My baby loves spinning the globe and pointing to places she wants to know more about.

Lastly, books are also a great tool for introducing your baby to different cultures. One book I recommend is "Global Babies" by The Global Fund for Children. The book features pictures of babies from different countries and their cultural traditions. It is a fun and engaging way for your baby to learn about diversity.

I hope this helps and happy exploring!



As a parent who has raised kids with a focus on diversity, I recommend the MELISA & DOUG toys collection. They have a wide selection of cultural toys including wooden food from different countries and dress-up sets from different cultures. One toy that particularly stood out for me was their world map jigsaw puzzle, it has about 33 large puzzle pieces that when put together show the different countries and landmarks of the world. My kids always enjoyed learning the names of cities they were not familiar with using it, and later it inspired the idea for our family vacation.

Another great resource for introducing your baby to different cultures is "Little People, Big Dreams" book series, which tells true stories about famous individuals from different cultures and history, age-appropriate for your baby. This not only helps with learning about new cultures, but also learning about people who have made an impact on the world. The series has books about Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Mahatma Gandhi, among others.

In conclusion, the toys and books I mentioned are not only educational but also fun for you and your child, as well as the perfect way to encourage your child to have a deep appreciation for different cultures and traditions. Good luck!



As a father of a toddler, I can recommend board books with cultural themes for babies and toddlers. My favorite book is the "Hello, World!" series by Ashley Evanson, which introduces babies and toddlers to different languages, animals, foods and other cultural themes. This book series is great for babies because it has simple words and images that are easy for them to understand.

Another toy that we have found helpful is a set of cultural family figures. It allowed us to have conversations about different family traditions from around the world, which helped my toddler understand and appreciate different cultures. The figures come dressed in traditional clothing, and it's also a great conversation starter. We've talked about different festivals and holidays and it's been a great experience for both of us.

Lastly, if you can afford it, consider a child-friendly subscription to a cultural crate, which would include books, craft activities, recipes, and other toys that help build cultural awareness in your baby. The crate provides endless opportunities for learning about different cultures and traditions in a fun and interactive way. It is a perfect way for you to introduce your baby to different cultures and traditions in an engaging way.

I hope these suggestions help expand your baby's understanding and knowledge of different cultures! Best of luck!


Hi everyone,

As a mother of three kids and a big advocate for cultural diversity, I can say that there are so many incredible options for introducing your baby to different cultures and traditions. One of the toys that I found very helpful is a set of fabric multicultural dolls. It is great because it enables babies to develop diversity and inclusion skills by learning about the different skin tones, cultures and ethnicities of people from around the world. The dolls are soft, cuddly and perfect for sensory exploration.

Another toy that has worked wonders in our family is a set of musical instruments from different cultures. It is a fun way for babies to introduce themselves to different sounds, rhythms and musical traditions from around the world. Our kids loved playing with these instruments and have learned so much along the way. It is a great way for kids to learn about different cultures while developing coordination and musical skills.

In conclusion, the key to introducing your baby cultural diversity with toys is by providing them with playful, interactive and educational materials that can help them understand and appreciate the world we live in. We've had so much fun discovering different cultures together, and I'm sure you and your baby will too. Enjoy!

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