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What are some effective ways to handle conflicts between my work or school schedule and my child's extracurricular activities or important events?

Hi everyone,

I am a full-time working mom with a 7-year-old daughter who is involved in several extracurricular activities like dance, soccer, and music lessons during the weekdays. However, lately, I have been struggling to manage my work schedule with her activities as they often overlap, causing me to miss some of her important events.

I would like to know how other working parents cope with this situation? What are some effective ways to balance work and my child's extracurricular activities or important events? I feel guilty when I miss her events, but my job is equally important to support our family.

Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

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Hi there,

As a single parent who is trying to balance work and my teenager's extracurricular activities while managing the household, I know what it feels like when everything seems to be a priority. However, I found the following strategies to be useful to manage conflicts effectively:

One, create a family calendar or schedule that includes all events at home, school, and work. It's essential to update this regularly and share it with everyone involved. It will help you prioritize important events and ensure that everything is accounted for.

Two, be realistic with your commitment and manage time effectively. Set boundaries and make the necessary arrangements in advance, so you don't have to choose between work and your child's activities. For instance, if your child's football games are on Saturdays or Sundays, try to avoid working during that time.

Three, consider asking a colleague or boss to swap shifts or give you some flexibility with your work schedule. There is no harm in asking, and it's better to nip potential conflicts in the bud before they escalate.

Lastly, don't forget to take care of yourself. As a single parent, it can be easy to put your needs last. It's vital to make time for yourself to recharge, rest and reduce stress.

I hope these personal strategies can be useful to fellow single parents, working parents, or guardians who are trying to manage conflicts in their busy schedules. Remember, communication, and patience are key.


Hello everyone,

As a working mother of two kids who love playing sports, I can relate to the challenge of finding a balance between work and extracurricular activities. One effective way I coped with this situation was to join a parent group associated with my kid's activity. The group provides support and understanding from fellow parents in a similar situation.

Furthermore, I try to manage our family schedule through Google Calendar to update and notify each family member of any schedule changes. This way, there's a shared understanding of each other's commitments, and it helps us manage our time more efficiently.

Another useful way to manage conflicts is to consider a more flexible work arrangement. If you have a job that allows remote work or flexible working hours, try to negotiate with your employer on a schedule that allows you to attend to your kid's events. It makes things less stressful when you have a lenient work environment.

Last but not least, I always remind myself that while it's essential to attend your child's activities, it's also vital to prioritize your well-being. Sometimes, this means saying "no" to certain activities or delegating certain tasks to others. Remember to take care of yourself to avoid possible burnout.

I hope these personal strategies can offer some insights and help working parents balance work and extracurricular activities effectively.


Hello everyone,

I commend all working parents who make it a point to balance both their work and their kids' extracurricular activities. As a full-time working dad, I find it challenging to juggle my work schedule with my daughter's tennis and swimming lessons.

One effective strategy that has worked for me is to seek the help of family members or friends to attend your kid's events if you can't make it. It can be comforting to know that someone you trust is there to support your child, and this can help alleviate some of the guilt of missing the event.

Additionally, another strategy that has worked for me is to try and align my work schedule with my daughter's activities. I typically schedule my work meetings in the morning or late afternoon and try to leave work early on specific days to attend her events. This way, I don't have to worry about missing an important event, and I can make up for the missed work later.

Lastly, I've found that it's critical to communicate with your child about your work schedule and any potential conflicts. It's important that they understand that you're trying your best to attend their events but circumstances may arise that make it impossible.

Overall, it's not always easy to balance work with your child's extracurricular activities, but with some effort and planning, it's definitely possible.


Hello everyone,

As a stay-at-home mom who occasionally work part-time from home, I have learned to manage my kids' extracurricular activities by setting realistic expectations and prioritizing events. It's physically and mentally challenging to manage a household, educate your children, and stay sane in these times.

One effective approach I found useful is to discuss with your kid(s) what activities they want to pursue and prioritize the ones that align with your schedule. This way, you're not overbooking yourself and can guarantee that you're available for significant milestones or events.

Additionally, make use of the available technology to stay organized. I use a planner app where I list down all important dates and events, including my work schedule. This helps me plan my day more effectively, identify conflicts early, and make the necessary adjustments or rescheduling.

Finally, I suggest involving your child in the decision-making process. Consider their interests and work together to choose the most crucial activities. Also, communicate with them about any possible conflicts in time and give them enough time to prepare for the changes.

I hope these personal tips help you manage your busy schedule, find more work-life balance, and stay organized. Remember, quality-time is more important than just being there physically at every event.


Hi everyone,

As a full-time working dad with two young kids who love participating in various activities, it can be challenging to manage our busy schedules. I have found the following strategies to be particularly helpful:

Firstly, prioritize events that are essential for your child's wellbeing and progress. Depending on their age and interests, there might be certain activities or events that they particularly enjoy or that could impact their future. Focus on attending these events if possible and communicate this to your employer.

Another strategy is to look for activities that are flexible or that you can do together. For instance, instead of dropping your child at a dance class and coming back later, try to join some classes or activities together that you both have an interest in. This can be a win-win situation, and you can both enjoy the experience.

Thirdly, it's important to learn to say "no" sometimes. As much as you want to attend every event, it's not always feasible. It's okay to choose activities that fit within your schedule and prioritize quality over quantity. This can help reduce stress and promote work-life balance.

Lastly, always communicate with your partner or support system. As a working parent, you can't do it all alone, and it's crucial to have someone who supports you both emotionally and physically. Be open to discussions about the best way to manage activities and work schedules, so everyone can enjoy time together.

In conclusion, balancing work and extracurricular activities is not easy, but by prioritizing, being flexible, and asking for help when necessary, it is possible to find a suitable work-life balance.


Hi there,

As a working mom with two kids, I completely understand the struggle of trying to balance work with their extracurricular activities. One strategy that has worked for me is to prioritize which events are the most important to attend and communicate with your employer in advance.

For example, if your child has a recital or championship game coming up, let your employer know as soon as possible that you need time off to attend. If you have coworkers who can cover for you, work out a schedule that allows you to attend the event and make up the missed work time later.

Another option is to try to find extracurricular activities that are outside of your work hours, like weekend classes or activities in the early morning or evening. This can help minimize conflicts and avoid having to miss important events altogether.

Lastly, don't forget to take care of yourself and schedule in some self-care time. Managing a work and family schedule can be stressful, so be sure to carve out some time for yourself to relax or do something you enjoy.

I hope these tips help!


Hello everyone,

As a full-time working mom to a toddler, I understand the challenges of managing our schedules in a way that both my work and my toddler's extracurricular activities are taken care of. Here are some of the strategies that have helped me in managing conflicts effectively:

Firstly, I try to plan ahead wherever possible. I keep track of all important events or activities on a calendar and am mindful of any work deadlines or commitments that could overlap. This awareness helps me plan better and make arrangements that prevent any major clashes.

Secondly, when there is a conflict, I prioritize my toddler's preferred activity or event while keeping work commitments in mind. For instance, I might reschedule meetings or delegate work wherever possible to attend a playdate or a music class instead.

Thirdly, I have learned to be adaptable and agile. Things might not always go according to plan, and urgent situations might arise. Therefore, it's important to have a contingency plan in place, which could be as simple as roping in another family member, hiring a nanny or babysitter, or making suitable work arrangements.

Lastly, I have found that it's easier to manage conflicts when there is clear communication between partners or family members. I ensure that my spouse or family members know about my schedule and vice versa, so that everyone can contribute towards managing my toddler's activities.

In conclusion, managing work and extracurricular activities can be challenging, especially when you have a toddler, but with some planning, flexibility, and communication, it's possible to find the right balance.

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