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What are some effective ways to foster creativity and innovation in my gifted child?

Hello everyone,

I have a gifted child who seems to be losing interest in traditional academics. I believe that my child's potential lies in his creative abilities and innovative thinking. Therefore, I am looking for effective ways to foster and nurture his creativity.

I'm hoping to hear from parents or educators who have personal experience in this area. What strategies have you found helpful in encouraging creativity and innovation in gifted children? Are there any specific tools, resources, or programs that you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for any advice and suggestions you may have!

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Hello there,

I have a gifted child who is very creative, and I have found that allowing them to work on projects that have practical applications or real-world implications has helped to improve their level of innovation.

We encourage our child to explore creating things that they can see, touch, or interact with, like building a robot, designing an app, or creating a video game. Projects like these can give them a sense of purpose, and a feeling that their work can make a tangible impact in the world.

We also make sure that our child has access to different types of technology, from graphics tablets to programming software, as this greatly enhances their ability to be innovative. With the vast amount of resources available through the internet, we can find free online courses, YouTube tutorials, and webinars to support our child in their creative endeavours.

Another method that has worked well for us is encouraging my child to express their interests and originality through artistic expression in different mediums. We have explored painting, drawing, sketching, and the use of digital media, and they all have their benefits. Art can also help open up one's creativity in different ways, and sometimes even unconventional ones.

In conclusion, by offering children the room to pursue their passions and interests creatively, we can help in fostering their creativity and improve their ability to innovate. It must be done in flexible, supportive environments that allow them to experiment and provide feedback without fear of failure.


Hi there,

I can definitely relate to this situation. I also have a gifted child who struggled with traditional academics but excelled in creative pursuits. One thing that has worked well for us is providing opportunities for hands-on exploration and experimentation. We encourage our child to try new things, even if they seem unconventional or messy.

Another strategy that has been effective for us is giving our child freedom and flexibility in how he approaches projects or assignments. Instead of rigidly-defined parameters, we try to provide open-ended prompts that allow for more creative expression. We also make a point to celebrate and acknowledge our child's unique perspectives and ideas, even if they don't fit neatly into a predetermined mold.

In terms of resources, we have found that art supplies, building materials (like Legos or blocks), and even items from nature (like shells and rocks) have been great tools for fostering creativity. Additionally, we have looked into programs and classes that specifically focus on creativity and innovation, such as coding workshops or design challenges.

Overall, I think the key is to be open-minded and supportive of our child's strengths and interests, and to provide a safe and encouraging environment for them to explore and create.


Greetings everyone,

I also have a gifted child and have found that travel is an excellent way to foster creativity and innovation. When we travel as a family, we encourage our child to use their creativity to explore, problem-solve, and adapt to new environments.

By exposing them to diverse cultures, languages, and history, my child experience a sense of curiosity and wonder that inspires creativity. We make sure our child has an opportunity to engage in new and exciting experiences so that they can learn to think outside of the box and challenge conventional wisdom.

Another excellent method that has worked for us in fostering our child's creativity is through storytelling. Storytelling offers an imaginative and immersive opportunity that allows my child to develop their creativity and storytelling skills. We provide an opportunity for our child to create stories through writing or on different platforms, such as video content or podcasts.

We've also found that encouraging my child to apply creativity in non-conventional ways to regular daily screen-time, such as watching videos or playing games, has helped to kindle innovation and creativity. When we discuss their perspectives or ideas before, after or during the screen-time, the child engages in active communication.

In conclusion, there are many ways to nurture and develop creativity and innovation skills in our gifted children. By providing opportunities for exploration, challenging their perceptions, supporting their growth through travel, and engaging in storytelling, we can help expand our children's creativity and problem-solving abilities.


Hey there,

I completely agree with user 1's response. I also have a gifted child who is very creative and innovative. One activity that has helped us is brainstorming sessions. We sit down and discuss ideas, no matter how crazy they might be. This helps my child explore different perspectives and think outside the box.

As a part of practicing creativity, we have helped my child by not letting them worry about mistakes. They're allowed to make mistakes and learn from them which boosts their confidence. This mindset has helped them to be more innovative and ready to take risks.

Another useful strategy for we have found is providing my child with multiple resources for learning. This includes books, games, and online resources targeted to their specific interests. We have also found that encouraging them to connect with peers who have similar interests can be very beneficial.

It's important to remember that creativity is not limited to the arts only. It can be applied to any field. Hence it's important to show my child how creative thinking can be used in various areas like science, history, maths, and many more.

In conclusion, fostering creativity is all about providing a supportive environment and letting my child think outside the box. And through my experience, I have seen that the best practice that helps to foster innovation is encouraging and nurturing the child's passions and interests.


Hello everyone,

I too have a gifted child, who possesses exceptional creativity and innovation skills. Encouraging and nurturing such unique abilities requires a different approach than traditional academics.

One strategy that has worked for my child is allowing them to pursue their interests and passions. By going at their own pace and exploring topics that genuinely excite them, my child has had the freedom to let their creativity shine.

Another strategy that has helped us foster creativity and innovation in our child is to provide access to a variety of experiences and opportunities. We regularly attend museums, exhibits, and events that allow my child to meet new people, learn new things, and get exposed to different perspectives.

Apart from this, we also encourage our child to take part in team activities like robotics and building clubs. As they collaborate with others in a group setting, it helps to open their minds to new ideas, and diversify their approach to problem-solving.

Furthermore, we focus on asking thoughtful and engaging questions that provoke my child's creative and critical thinking. Instead of spoon-feeding them the answers, we encourage them to find their solutions and allow them to learn from their mistakes.

Summing up, encouraging creativity requires patience, flexibility, and a willingness to step away from traditional academics. By providing different avenues for exploration and opportunities to learn through diverse experiences, parents can help foster creativity and innovation in their gifted children.

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