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What are some effective strategies for dealing with my toddler's picky eating habits?

Hello everyone,

I am a concerned parent of a picky eater toddler. I am having a very hard time convincing my child to eat healthy food, and it's becoming a source of constant worry for me. I've tried everything under the sun, from bribing my child with toys to punishing them for not eating healthy food, but nothing seems to work. I am at my wit's end and feel like I am failing as a parent. I am hoping to get some tips and strategies from other parents who have dealt with picky eaters successfully. How did you manage to get your child to eat a balanced diet? Are there any specific strategies that work better than others? I would really appreciate any advice or feedback you can provide. Thank you so much in advance.

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Hello everyone,

I, too, have dealt with a picky eater in my family, and one strategy that worked was involving my child in gardening. By growing vegetables or fruits together, we were able to learn, experiment, and bond over food. My child became invested in the process, from planting the seeds to harvesting, and that made them excited to taste the resulting fruits or vegetables.

Another strategy that helped was introducing new foods outside of mealtime. This includes offering healthy snacks throughout the day or serving new foods during other activities or games. I found that my child was more open to trying a new food if they weren't pressured to eat it as part of a meal.

Furthermore, I tried to make food fun by creating cute animal faces or fun patterns in my child's plate. I also incorporated colors to make the meal more visually appealing. My child became more interested in trying new foods once they realized their meals could be enjoyable and playful.

Lastly, I never forced my child to eat something they didn't want to eat. If they weren't interested in trying a specific food item, I just made sure to expose them to it again in a non-threatening way, until they felt comfortable giving it a try.

I hope these tips help in dealing with picky eaters. Good luck!



I empathize with you regarding the challenge of handling a picky eater. Like you, I tried several methods to lure my son into eating healthy meals without much success. However, I found a strategy that worked wonders for me.

Firstly, I made mealtimes more fun and engaging for him by setting a colorful menu with different shapes and sizes, using food cutters or meal pickers. I also introduced taste tests and encouraged him to have at least one bite of different foods before making a decision whether or not he liked it.

Furthermore, I involved him in grocery shopping and let him pick out new foods that he wanted to try. I also made sure we had healthy snack options displayed visibly in the house, so he could easily grab a healthy snack when he was hungry.

Finally, I would try new recipes and experiment with different food textures and flavors that my son enjoyed, making meals more fun and less stressful.

Overall, patience, creativity, and persistence are key when dealing with a picky eater. With time and consistent effort, you will notice a positive change in your toddler's eating habits.


Hi everyone,

I can certainly relate to the struggle of dealing with a picky eater, as my toddler went through a phase of only wanting to eat a few certain foods. One strategy that worked for us was to offer choices. Instead of giving my child only one option for a meal, I would offer up a few healthy options and let them choose what they wanted to eat.

Another thing that proved successful was gamifying mealtime. I found that making mealtime into a game, with a point system or rewards for finishing meals or trying new foods, made it much more exciting for my child.

I also made it a point to eat meals together as a family to set a positive example and encourage my child to try new things. My spouse and I made a point of modeling healthy eating habits, which encouraged my child to follow suit.

Lastly, I found that incorporating foods that my child liked into new dishes or adapting dishes to their taste helped to broaden their palate over time. For example, we would make mini pizzas at home and load them up with different veggies to help my child get more comfortable trying out different foods.

I hope these strategies are helpful for other parents dealing with picky eaters. Good luck!


Hi there,

I understand how stressful the situation can be when you have a picky eater at home. I went through the same thing with my toddler a few months ago, and I must say it was not easy. I tried many things before finding a solution, and one key strategy that helped me was creating a routine, especially during meal times. I set a specific time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and made sure my toddler was aware of it.

I also got my child involved in meal preparation, allowing them to choose from a variety of healthy options. It created a sense of ownership, and my child was more forthcoming with trying out new foods. Additionally, I introduced one new food item at a time into our meals instead of expecting my child to eat an entirely new dish.

Finally, I gave praise and positive reinforcement when my child ate something that they initially refused. It made my toddler feel happy and proud of the accomplishment, and encouraged them to be more adventurous with food.

Hope these tips help. Good luck!


Hi there,

Dealing with a picky eater can be challenging, but I have found that introducing variety in meals can help overcome this. One key strategy that worked for me was to try combinations of different foods to create new and exciting dishes. For instance, I mixed vegetables with pasta and sauces.

Additionally, I found that getting my child involved in meal preparation helped them become more interested in what was on their plate. Setting up an interesting table setting with fun utensils, plates, and cups also made the meal more enjoyable.

I also found that introducing familiar ingredients in new ways helped my child be more open to trying new foods. For example, I would try to add new ingredients to a familiar dish, such as putting fruits in pancakes or blending vegetables in a sauce.

Finally, I learned that it was important to be patient and persistent. Getting a picky eater to try something new takes time, but by continuing to introduce new food items and using positive reinforcement, I have been able to broaden my child's palate over time.

I hope these tips help you in your efforts to get your toddler to eat a balanced diet. Best of luck!

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