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What are some creative ways to reuse or upcycle old diapers for crafts or household purposes?

Hi everyone,

I recently had a baby and we have been going through a lot of diapers. I hate to just throw them away, so I was wondering if there are any creative ways to reuse or upcycle old diapers for crafts or household purposes. I've seen some ideas online, like using them as cleaning cloths, stuffing them into homemade pillows, or even using them as a base for a garden bed.

However, I'm wondering if anyone has any unique or more creative ideas. I'm not particularly crafty, but I'm open to trying something new. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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I went through the same dilemma as you and I didn't want to just throw away all the used diapers. So, I researched online and found a unique yet useful solution. I transformed old diapers into amazing absorbent slow-release watering containers for my plants.

I cut out the absorbent material from the inside of the diaper and tied it securely around the base of the plant, making sure it had direct contact with the soil, then I watered the plant as usual. The diaper material absorbed the water and provided a gentle, slow-release of moisture to the plant as it needed, which was great for when I went on vacation and didn't have anyone to water the plants.

Another idea I tried was using the outer material of the diaper to make a comfy pet bed. I cut the diaper into desired shapes, stacked them and sewed them together to create a soft, comfortable bed for my furry friend.

I hope these ideas help you in creating something fun and useful out of used diapers!


Hi there,

Congratulations on your new baby! I totally understand wanting to find ways to repurpose old diapers instead of just throwing them away. One thing I've done in the past is to use them as a protective layer for my floors when doing messy DIY projects. I simply lay them down on the floor and they do a great job of absorbing spills and preventing paint or other materials from damaging the carpet or hardwood.

Another idea that I've seen and tried myself is to use the absorbent material from the inside of the diaper to make homemade ice packs. All you have to do is cut a section of the absorbent material out of the diaper, run it under water, and then place it in a plastic bag and freeze it. It works great and it's a cost-effective alternative to buying reusable ice packs.

I hope these ideas help spark some creativity for you!


Hey there!

I had a similar question and I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile old diapers can be! One thing I tried was using old diapers to make a quick emergency coffee filter. I simply cut the top off the diaper and emptied out the contents. I then rinsed out the diaper material and let it dry before filling it with my favorite coffee grounds. It works almost as well as a regular coffee filter!

Another fun way to use old diapers is to create a DIY photo album. I collected all my baby's memorable moments, printed the pictures out, and carefully glued them onto the diapers. I then placed all the diapers inside a big picture frame, and it looks fantastic as a decoration piece in my living room.

Lastly, I've always been an advocate of repurposing old items, so I decided to use the diaper material for cushioning during house moves. The absorbent material works really well to protect delicate items during transport.

I hope these innovative concepts help with your query!


Hey there!

I completely understand where you're coming from. Like you, I also felt terrible about all the diapers my baby was going through and I didn't want to just toss them away. Something I tried was creating a small garden by using old diapers as planting pods. The diapers were great for keeping the soil moist and the plants grew really well.

Another cool thing I discovered was being able to create colourful rugs made out of old diapers. With some thread and a sewing machine, it was actually quite simple to stitch together the diapers into a fun and fluffy rug.

Finally, I've also made some cool sensory boards for my little one out of old diapers. I just cut out different shapes and glued them onto a board. The texture of the diapers along with the different colours and shapes provided great sensory play for my baby.

I hope these ideas helped!

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