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What are some considerations for babywearing while breastfeeding a baby who is older or more mobile?

Hi everyone,

I've been babywearing my 5-month-old since he was born and it has been a lifesaver for me. I've always been able to breastfeed him while babywearing without any issues. However, lately, he has been getting more mobile and active, which makes it challenging to breastfeed him while wearing him. He's always moving and wiggling around and it's making breastfeeding difficult.

I was hoping to get some advice from other parents who have experienced this before. What are some considerations I should keep in mind when babywearing a baby who is older and more mobile? Is there a particular type of baby carrier that works best for breastfeeding in this situation? Any tips or tricks to make breastfeeding while babywearing easier would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I can relate to the breastfeeding challenge while wearing my baby as he became more mobile. Using a structured carrier worked better for me at this stage. I found that the Ergo carrier was a comfortable option for both of us despite his increased activity level.

I also adjusted the height of the carrier, which gave him access to the breast and a comfortable environment to nurse. As he got older, it became easier for me to identify his signals for feeding, and we meshed very well.

Another trick that worked for my little one was wrapping a nursing scarf around my neck for privacy and his head's support while he latched on. The scarf helped me maintain focus while he nursed away, and he enjoyed the feeling of being snuggled up by my chest.

In summary, finding the right carrier, making adjustments as necessary, and using a nursing scarf can come in handy when breastfeeding a mobile baby while babywearing.


Hey there,

I totally understand what you're going through. I had the same issue with my daughter when she reached the 6-month mark. She was very active, always wiggling around, and it became challenging to nurse her while babywearing.

What worked for me was switching to a carrier that allowed for a more upright position. I found that it was easier to nurse her in the Tula carrier. It has a higher back panel, which provides more support for an older baby, as well as a deeper seat that allows for a more natural position for breastfeeding. The carrier also has a hood that can be used as a cover when nursing in public.

Another thing that helped was practicing nursing while standing still before trying to do it on the go. This way, my daughter got used to breastfeeding in the carrier, and it was easier to nurse her when we were out and about.

I hope this helps!


Hello everyone,

I struggled with breastfeeding while babywearing as well, especially when my baby became more mobile. However, I found that using a wrap carrier while breastfeeding worked best for us. I used a woven wrap, which allowed me to adjust the carrier's tightness and height quickly depending on my baby's needs.

I also found that the side-lying position worked best for us while breastfeeding in the wrap carrier. This position allowed my baby to nurse comfortably and provided optimal support for his head and neck.

Another thing that helped me was practicing breastfeeding in different carriers and positions at home before attempting it in public. This way, I was more confident and could easily adjust to my baby's needs and activities while on the go.

In conclusion, finding the right carrier and breastfeeding position that works for both you and your baby can make all the difference in making breastfeeding while babywearing easier, even as they become more mobile.



I faced a similar challenge when my baby was six months old. I was using a wrap carrier and always found nursing her while wearing it tough. It was an arduous task, and my little one was always uncomfortable.

What worked wonders for me was switching to a ring sling carrier. The ring sling allowed me to adjust the tightness and the height of the carrier, which made it easier to find a comfortable position for both me and my baby while nursing.

Another thing that helped was finding the right nursing position. I found that the breastfeeding position that worked best for me was the cradle hold. This position allowed me to nurse my baby comfortably while keeping a close eye on her head and neck.

I'd suggest practicing breastfeeding while babywearing around the house before attempting it at a public place. It might take some time getting used to it, but it's worth the effort.

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