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What are some common mistakes parents make during potty training?

Hey everyone,

I have a toddler who is almost ready for potty training but I have heard that there are certain mistakes that parents commonly make during the process. I want to avoid these mistakes to make sure my child is successful in becoming potty trained. Can anyone share some common mistakes that I should be aware of? Any tips on how to avoid them would also be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Greetings everyone,

As a parent who has been through potty training, I would like to share my experience and warn parents against one common mistake - not being prepared for accidents on the go. I learned this mistake the hard way when my child had an accident while we were out, and I had no extra clothes or any changing equipment handy. This can be easily avoided by packing a spare pair of clothes, a few wipes, and some hand sanitizer before heading out with your child.

Furthermore, we made the mistake of not being flexible with the potty training schedule. Sometimes, our child would need to go potty at a different time than the established routine, but we would discourage her from doing so. We should have been more flexible and accommodating of her needs.

Lastly, we made the classic mistake of not praising our child enough. Positive reinforcement is key to encouraging children to use the potty on their own. We could have celebrated every milestone and success, no matter how small.

I hope my experience helps parents avoid these mistakes during potty training. Good luck to all the parents and their little ones!


Hello everyone,

As a parent who has recently potty trained my child, an important mistake that I made was not reducing the number of accidents gradually. I assumed that once we started potty training, my child would immediately stop having accidents. However, that was not the case, and it was challenging for my child to go from having no accidents to suddenly being expected to be potty trained. Gradually decreasing the number of accidents over time can be helpful for both the child and the parent and can lead to a more successful potty training experience.

In addition, we made the mistake of not being consistent with our expectations. Potty training requires a lot of consistency, and if one parent allows the child to wear a diaper while the other doesn't, it can cause confusion for the child and ultimately delay the potty training process.

Finally, one mistake we made was not involving our child in the cleaning process. Instead of just cleaning up the mess ourselves, we should have encouraged our child to help with the cleaning process. This not only teaches responsibility but also reinforces the idea that using the potty is the preferred method.

I hope my experiences help you avoid any mistakes during potty training. Good luck to all the parents out there potty training their little ones!


Hi there,

I went through potty training with my child a few years ago and one mistake we made was not being consistent with the process. We would sometimes let our child wear a diaper to bed or during nap time which caused confusion and setbacks in the potty training process.

Another mistake we made was not praising our child enough for their successes. Potty training can be a difficult and scary process for some children, so it’s important to make them feel proud of their accomplishments.

Finally, we made the mistake of expecting too much too soon. Every child is different and there’s no set timeline for when a child should be fully potty trained. We had to be patient with our child and not get discouraged when there were setbacks.

I hope these tips help! Good luck with your potty training journey.


Hey there,

When it comes to potty training, one common mistake parents make is starting too early. There’s no rush to start potty training and sometimes parents can get excited and want to start before their child is ready. This can lead to frustration and setbacks for both the parent and child.

Another mistake I made was not having a set routine. It’s important to establish a regular routine for when your child should go potty. This routine helps the child understand when they need to go and teaches them responsibility.

Finally, we didn’t consider the type of potty chair we were using. We initially used a potty chair with a flushing sound, but it ended up scaring my child and caused her to be fearful of the potty. We switched to a simpler potty chair and it made a huge difference in the process.

Hope these tips help you in your potty training journey!



One mistake I made during potty training was not involving my child in the process enough. I had the mindset that potty training was solely my responsibility, but it’s important to remember that the child is the one learning how to do it. Involve them in the process by allowing them to pick out their own underwear or potty seat. This will give them a sense of ownership and responsibility in the process.

Another mistake we made was being too lenient with accidents. Accidents will happen, but it’s important to let the child understand the consequences of not using the potty. We should have been more consistent with enforcing consequences, such as stopping playtime to clean up the accident.

Lastly, we made the mistake of comparing our child’s progress with others. Every child is different and develops at their own pace. It’s important to not compare your child’s progress with others, as it can lead to unnecessary stress and pressure for both the parent and child.

I hope these tips help in your potty training journey! Good luck.


Hi there,

One mistake I made during potty training was being too controlling and forcing my child to use the potty. This approach only led to resistance and caused my child to be fearful of the process.

Additionally, we made the mistake of not preparing our child for public restrooms. This made outings and trips more difficult as our child felt uncomfortable using unfamiliar restrooms. We could have prepared her by letting her practice using public restrooms before going out.

Lastly, we made the mistake of not being patient enough. Potty training can be a stressful and frustrating process, but it’s important to remain patient and understanding throughout. Children will have accidents and setbacks, but with patience and positive reinforcement, they will eventually succeed in potty training.

I hope these insights help in your potty training journey. Wishing you the best!


Hello everyone,

One common mistake that I made during potty training was not making it fun for my child. I was treating it as a serious process and forgot to add some fun elements to make it enjoyable for my child. We could have used stickers or other rewards to incentivize using the potty.

Moreover, we made the mistake of not giving our child enough liquids during the day. We thought it would minimize accidents, but it led to dehydration and constipation. Parents should make sure their child drinks enough water to prevent any health issues.

Finally, we made the mistake of ignoring our child’s feedback. My child was telling us she was not comfortable on the potty seat, but we persisted and insisted she use it. We could have adjusted the seat or tried a different approach to make it more comfortable for her.

I hope my experience helps you avoid some mistakes during potty training. Good luck!

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