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What are some challenges that siblings of gifted children may face and how can I support them?

Hi everyone,
I'm a parent of two kids – my elder one is a gifted child, and my younger one seems to be struggling with the constant attention that my elder one receives. My elder child is talented in music and academics, which brings a lot of recognition from teachers and peers. While my younger one is also doing well, I can sense her feeling left out and not getting enough attention.

I understand that this is a common challenge that many siblings of gifted children face. I worry that this could impact her self-esteem and her relationship with her sibling in the long run. Can any of you suggest some ways in which I can support her and help her deal with her feelings? I'm open to hearing about any tips or strategies that worked for other parents in a similar situation. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I completely understand your concerns as I've faced similar challenges with my younger child. My elder one has always been the center of attention since she showed some exceptional talent in drawing and storytelling. While we always acknowledged the hard work she put in, my younger one often felt left out due to the praise and recognition that her sister received.

One thing that worked for us is giving our younger child equal importance and acknowledging her achievements, even if it may seem minor in comparison. We also encourage her to pursue her passions and interests, even if they are not as "gifted" as her sibling's. This helps her feel that she's got an identity of her own, and her accomplishments are appreciated by us.

Additionally, we try to involve both our girls in fun activities like board games, movie nights, and outings, which helps them bond and build a strong sibling relationship. We avoid comparisons between them and try to celebrate their individuality.

I hope these tips work for you and your family. Remember, every child is unique, and it's important to understand their individual personalities and interests to help them thrive. Best of luck!


Hi there,

I can definitely relate to the challenges of having a gifted child, as my eldest son has always excelled at school and sports. It's natural for siblings to feel left out, and we've had a few instances where our younger daughter has expressed similar concerns.

One thing that's helped us is regularly praising and acknowledging our daughter's unique strengths and attributes. We encourage her to participate in activities where she can shine, such as dance, theater, or music. We also make sure to celebrate and recognize individual successes and milestones to help keep her confidence level up.

Another thing that can help is simply showing equal attention to each child, regardless of their abilities. This can mean scheduling one-on-one time to connect with each child, or taking family vacations that allow everyone to participate in activities they enjoy.

Finally, it's important to make sure your children are encouraged to have a strong sibling relationship. We try to foster a supportive and nurturing environment where both kids can help each other learn and grow. This means setting appropriate boundaries and expectations, but also encouraging them to interact in positive ways.

In sum, it's important to recognize each child's unique strengths, encourage involvement in activities where they can excel, and make sure everyone in the family feels equally valued and appreciated. With a little bit of thoughtful attention, it's possible to foster close sibling relationships that will last a lifetime.


Hello everyone,

As a parent of three children, one of whom is gifted, I understand the challenges that can arise regarding siblings' self-esteem and relationships. While it's important to celebrate and support the gifted child, it's also critical to ensure that the other children in the family receive equal validation and support.

One thing that works is to create an environment where each child feels seen and heard. We make a point to have dinner together most nights, during which everyone shares highlights from their day. This opens up an opportunity for everyone to talk, and we are able to focus on each child individually.

Another helpful thing is to involve the children in an activity in which they can collaborate without resentment or jealousy. We took part in a family game night, and our children were all able to show off their skills, making each child feel fulfilled and valued.

A consistent effort to foster strong sibling relationships can do wonders for everyone involved. It involves modeling friendship and compassion towards siblings, which in turn teaches children how to recognize and respond to their siblings' needs.

Overall, it is important to be intentional in parenting, seeking balance and opportunities for each child in their strengths and fostering a home filled with love and understanding which helps to support each child's growth and development.



I can relate to your situation. I have a gifted elder child and a younger one who sometimes feels overshadowed by her sibling. Initially, I didn't realize the impact it had on her until her teacher brought it to my notice. We noticed her grades had dropped, and she wasn't as enthusiastic about school activities as earlier.

What worked for me was talking to her, acknowledging her feelings and assuring her that her achievements are equally important. It also helped talking to her about her elder sibling's struggles, even though she excels academically. We made it a point to focus on the skills and strengths of each child and not compare them to each other.

Another thing we did was to involve the younger child in her sibling's interests. For instance, my elder child loves chess and is quite good at it. We encouraged the younger one to play chess with her sibling and taught her the basics. This helped them bond and also boosted the younger one's confidence.

Finally, we make time for both of our girls individually. This gives them a chance to be the center of our attention and discuss their interests without any interruptions. It helps them understand that we value them equally.

In conclusion, it's important to acknowledge the feelings and struggles of all our children and not compare them to each other. With a little effort and patience, we can help them thrive and build strong sibling relationships.



I have been in a similar situation with my two daughters, where my elder one is gifted and the younger one sometimes feels left out. It’s important to recognize that every child is unique and has their talents, and they don’t have to be the same. Comparing them to one another can be detrimental to their self-esteem and relationship.

What helped me was to encourage both of my daughters’ passions and interests, even if they were different. Instead of focusing only on my elder child’s talents, we explored activities that the younger one enjoyed and appreciated her efforts. She loves baking, so we would spend time together baking cookies or cakes, and the elder one would help in her way.

Another thing that helped was to give each child individual attention with activities that they enjoy. Sometimes, I would watch a movie with the elder one, and then play board games with the younger one. It’s important to give each of them the opportunity to be a part of activities that they enjoy in their own way.

Lastly, regular communication with your children is key. It’s essential to let them know that their individual achievements matter and that each child is unique in their way. Encourage them to talk about their feelings and concerns, and show them that you are listening and care about them.

Your younger child can learn a lot from having a gifted sibling, including hard work, dedication, and confidence. With love, support, and encouragement, they will both grow as individuals and strengthen their relationship.

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